3-6 – Anna Le Baron

Mar 20, 2017Restory Show

Anna LeBaron is a woman with an amazing story. We met at a writers conference a few years ago before she started writing this book, The Polygamist’s Daughter. I’ve had the privilege of reading and endorsing this book, and I’m also thankful for my friend Leslie Wilson’s wordcrafting in this page-turning book.

How Our Stories Intersected

Since that meeting at the writer’s conference, Anna has become a friend. She recently started a new business helping authors launch their books and was invaluable on my launch team for Worth Living. She’s a firecracker with a stunning, crazy story!

In this episode, Anna shares about her upbringing in a polygamist cult. Her father was Ervil LeBaron, and you can read about his criminal history here. Her story is full of anguish, poverty, and crazy middle-of-the-night moves and brushes with the law. But ultimately, her story is one of hope and redemption, which is why I knew I wanted her on this show!

[Yes, a daughter of a notorious murderer and polygamist CAN find hope and healing. Hear @AnnaLeBaron’s story on the #RestoryShow.”]

As in all my episodes, I pray for you at the end. It’s my sincere hope that you’ll walk away from the Restory Show changed and challenged.

The End

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  1. Dee Boyd

    Anna, I just listened to your story for the 2nd time! And I cried again when you said who God Created and Redeemed you to be is Enough. That is a powerful and “Freeing” revelation. Your decade long pursuit for health resonates with me. Mary, you are right… healing is active… you must chase it. My 15 year journey from brokenness (molestation, sexual abuse, rape, abortions, low self-esteem & self-worth) to wholeness was not easy but worth every tear I cried. Thanking God for giving us the courage and strength to pursue health. Love you ladies 🙂

    Mary, your podcasts continue to bless and inspire me. Starting today, I will share my favorites on my blog beginning with your story (Episode 3-1). I pray it and the ones to follow will be a blessing to my readers as well. 🙂

    • Mary DeMuth

      I’m so glad the podcasts are blessing you and THANK YOU for sharing them!