Colleen Geyer’s Thin Place: Mother

May 19, 2011Family Uncaged

Colleen cried out to God and He answered. You’ll be encouraged as you read her story. (Want to encourage others with your Thin Place story? Go here to share it.)


Mother is a title I always longed to have. Going back as far as my childhood with my baby dolls, carriages and names for my special babies. It always seemed so easy to me until I grew up and started to live the roller coaster ride of infertility.

My husband and I spent seven years on our knees praying for a child to call our own. The days were full of hope, tears and failure. It became an all too familiar pattern, a part of my life that was lonely and empty. I started believing the lies I told myself, that God was no longer listening to me or hearing the depths of my heart.

Then it happened. I received “my wink” from our Heavenly Father above.

One morning (after yet another failed adoption) I was laying on my bedroom floor with my head in my hands crying, shouting out to God and asking why? Why Lord? Why me, why us, why again? What have I done to deserve such punishment?

As if someone was before me with a flashcard I saw the scripture Judges 13. This had never happened to me before. In an instant I was silent and calm. I quickly went to my Bible and found a scripture about infertility I was not familiar with. Judges 13 shares the story of a woman who was praying for a child and the Angel of the Lord appeared to her and gave her great news, much hope and promise. The promise for this infertile woman was fulfilled with a pregnancy and the birth of Sampson.

As I read this amazing scripture I realized in that moment the Lord indeed heard the cries of one of His children, He did see the depths of my broken heart and He filled it up with His words of peace, His words full of love and hope.

This was my first personal experience with the Almighty Father, my thin place.

As time went on and more heartache came, I knew I would be ok because I had my special moment to remind me that the Lord does hear me, He does know the depths of my heart.

I praise Him for that and for my two miracles of life, Noah and Addison.