Why God’s First Words Can Change Your Life

Jun 23, 2015Heal from the past

Genesis 1:3 records the first words (that we know) God spoke.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.

Four amazing words.





God loves light. He created it as the first thing. The light scattered and shattered the darkness. It revealed what was and what would be. In a very real way, light and truth are married. The God of light wants His children to live in the light, to speak and inhabit truth. To run away from that which holds us in darkness, particularly devastating secrets.

So why do we spend our lives hiding in the dark?

Why do we prefer the status quo of secrets and hidden shame over the freedom of letting it all out?

Jesus says these pointed words in John 3:19:  “This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.”

It doesn’t make sense, does it? Why would we prefer secretive darkness over light and truth and freedom? If we do stay in the shadows, it’s an indication that a part of us loves darkness more.

And that love comes from fear.

  • Fear that if we tell the truth, we’ll lose relationship.
  • Fear that we’ll forfeit our positions or reputation.
  • Fear that we’ll suffer under the judgment of others.
  • Fear of simply not knowing how to live in the light because when you live in the dark most of your life, the light is terrifying.

I found familiarity in the darkness. I thought, there, that I understood truth, and honestly I was convinced down to my marrow of that “truth.” The “truth”? I was worth the darkness. It became so familiar to me, this voice in my head that yelled my unworth that I truly believed it. I lived inside that berating for many years.

And then I started spilling those lies, expecting everyone else to agree with me. “Oh yeah,” they might say. “You really are worthless.”

Except that they didn’t say that. “I have felt the same way,” so many said. “But you’re worth so much more.”

Those are my words to you today. Is the dark your companion? Do you often listen to the shout of unworth in your head? Do you believe it? Has living this way become easy and convenient? Does the thought of coming to the light terrify you?

It need not terrify, because Jesus IS that light. Remember Him, how He loved folks, how He welcomed them despite their scary secrets. He came to set us free, to render the devil (who lives in darkness 24/7) impotent, and to silence lies with light-filled truth.

Step out into the light. Stick your toe into a small pool of it if you need to, but dare, TODAY, to share one small segment of darkness with a friend. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll begin to revel in the light, dancing free.