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You’re not Doomed


Recent studies highlight the effects of childhood trauma, abuse, neglect and sexual abuse on people long after they experienced the events. Long into adulthood, childhood victims share some common traits: Prone to develop depression Cognitive distortion (seeing the world as a dangerous place) Tendency to entertain suicide Anxiety disorders Physical illness Difficulty in relationships Control […]

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Preorder Jesus Every Day & enter to win a VERY COOL Bible


To celebrate the imminent release of Jesus Every Day, I’m giving away four She Reads Truth Bibles. Woot!                 All you have to do is PREORDER Jesus Every Day, then enter using Rafflecopter below. Be sure to save your receipt so you can prove you pre-ordered it. (The […]

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When a Rule-Following Girl Gives Up


Stop Listening to THEM I am not really sure how to articulate this, but I’ll try. I’m reading a book about pseudo science and the food/health/nutrition rules we’ve all heard of. I’ve long been perplexed about how one food can be deemed irredeemable one year, then hailed as a hero the next year (I’m looking […]

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That Time I Crashed Like Elijah


Hi *|FNAME|*, The second annual (and possibly last annual) Restory Conference is finished. My friend Doctor Ralph from New Zealand reminded me of a good story today after I’d sent my prayer team a rather gloomy email about how I felt in the aftermath of Restory. (The conference actually went very well, but for whatever […]

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The 5 things you CAN control in a broken relationship


In anticipation of the Restory Conference coming up, I’ve written a post about the helplessness (and need for control) we may feel when navigating a difficult relationship. This year’s conference will deal with your relationships, and I’m SO excited to share some amazing stories of people who have overcome in this area of their lives. […]

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Summer Podcast Break


Just a brief note that the Restory Show (aka ME) will be taking a much needed summer break, particularly as I prepare for the Restory Conference in September. Please be praying that the Lord will bring just who HE wants to this conference. In Restory 2.0, the focus will be on relationships, how to restory […]

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When God Rewrites Your Story


Today I’m grateful for Meadow Rue Merrill who shares a story so achingly beautiful I devoured her book in one sitting. You really ought to pick it up. Here it is: Today Meadow gives us a glimpse into her family’s life as they adopted little Ruth. Meadow’s Story: The day we adopted our daughter Ruth […]

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Vote on your favorite banner


I’m excited to announce that the second annual Restory Conference will happen Saturday, September 16th from 9 am – 1 pm at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, Texas. I would love to see you there! Registration is not yet open, but watch here for details. This is the Restory Conference 2.0, and the focus will […]

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A Huge Difference between Good Advice and the Good News


Patrick and I have lots of talks, and I’m grateful we land in the same place theologically (most times!). In the course of life, we come across messages given to audiences that stir us, cause us to repent or see the kingdom of God in a new light. These thrill us! I love pondering deeply […]

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How is your foundation?


Recently, I received a thoughtful email from my friend Susan Stanley. She is one of the most beautiful writers I know. I asked her permission to publish her words here because I know they will bless you. Dig Down Through the Muck by Susan Stanley One of my favoritest of favorite books I own is […]

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