Boring Books that Boxify God

Dec 5, 2006Write!

I can’t tell you how very tired I am of boring Christian books. There exists some sort of “acceptable” content that we write about ad infinitum, but rarely do we hear from writers who dare to go out on limbs–to share what is really, really inside. It takes guts. It’s not easy.

I’m not talking about writing heresy or unorthodox words, but to be willing enough to be honest. The truth is, we are very small folk on this earth. We don’t understand all the mysteries of life or of God. There is much left that we cannot comprehend. So much of evangelical stuff out there deals in boxifying God, making Him palatable, acceptable, easily understood.

But He is not so.

And we do the world a disservice when we present Christianity as a happy to-do list of virtues. Personally, I bleed over my words. I sometimes regurgitate my angst on the page. I have paid for my honesty (though it be tempered), but I have also seen others set free when they realize we don’t have to be perfect Christian clones of one another to follow hard after Jesus.

I would love to see more honesty, more reality, more genuine grappling with truth. I’m tired to death of folks regurgitating the things they’ve never really thought through, thoughts given to them by others. Are we parrots,merely mimicking words we’ve never wrestled with?