My Dear Children

Dec 6, 2006Archive

Aidan came home from a surprise party today. I love that Sophie went into his room, asked him about the party, read the notes from his friends, and rejoiced with him over his gifts. This after she’d had a surprise party and could’ve boasted about that.

I love that Julia knows when I’m upset. She always, always hugs me and kisses me when I’m stressed. Or she draws me a picture and writes love notes to me.

I love how responsible Aidan is. If I ask him to do something, he is very proud to do it. He loves to be entrusted with responsibility. Sometimes he walks to our village and orders, buys, and brings home pizzas!

I can’t tell you how proud I am of all three.

All are fluent in French.

All have weathered cross-cultural transition beautifully–and often, better than me.

All have remained friends through this all.

Sophie, Aidan, and Julia: You are my heroes.