Feb 13, 2007Archive

Billet-doux: French for a sweet letter.

I often joke that my love language is letter writing. I feel more loved by words written on a page than any other avenue. I cherish the words my husband pens for me. One in particular stands out. We attended a Family Life Weekend to Remember years and years ago. One of the exercises they have you do is to write a letter to your spouse and then read it to him/her.

Sitting on the bed of our comfortable hotel, Patrick read me the billet-doux. He cried. I cried. Something inside me broke, perhaps it was a wall, and I sunk my heart into Patrick’s. It’s not easy for me to trust anyone, but his letter helped a burgeoning root of trust to settle into me.

The written word, tendered by years of marriage, is a vital, necessary thing. This Valentine’s Day, forgo the chocolates and flowers and sit down with pen and paper (not keyboard and mouse) and write a billet-doux to those you love. You may just be the impetus for great things: trust renewed, love rekindled, hope restored.