Beautiful Battle Launches! Win one!

Jan 31, 2012Archive

FYI: This contest closes Thursday at 5:00 PM CST. Please enter by that time. Winners will be announced on Friday!

Tomorrow is the official launch date for Beautiful Battle, my spiritual warfare book for women. I’m really interested to see how this book will impact lives. It wasn’t easy writing a spiritual warfare book, particularly because I don’t consider myself an expert. I face life and its battles just like you do. I’m frail and needy and I make lots of mistakes. But I also felt convicted that there was a need for a balanced book about spiritual warfare, one that elevates God’s supremacy over everything.

To celebrate, I’m doing two cool things.

  1. I’m hosting a “ask anything” chat over at my facebook page, Wednesday February 1st from 2:00–3:30. Stop on by and ask a question. Please share this with anyone who might be interested in this topic. Here’s a sample tweet: Join the Beautiful Battle party. Ask @MaryDeMuth about spiritual warfare. 2/1, 2-3:30 CST
  2. Here on this blog I’m hosting a contest to give away 5 copies of Beautiful Battle. Not only that, but the five winners get to select another one of my books (any one), and I’ll send both autographed. Here’s the contest. Submit your original creative response to the topic of Beautiful Battle (You don’t need to read it to submit.) This can be a new book cover, a song, a video, a new book trailer, an infographic, a poem, a photo, a drawing, a cartoon–basically ANYTHING you can create. See specific instructions at the end of this post.

To help you along, here are my two trailers for the book, followed by an original poem by a New Zealand poet for Beautiful Battle’s release! So cool!First, here’s a story that helped me understand the true nature of our battle, involving one of our children when we lived in France:

Beautiful Battle: 2 from on Vimeo.

And this second video is a segment about my heart–the deeper whys behind the book. Truth: God is truly bigger than the boogeyman!

Beautiful Battle: 1 from on Vimeo.


Here’s David Andrews’ poem:

Beautiful Battle

In this beautiful battle

Where you contend for me

In a war behind my eyes

That I often fail to see


In this beautiful battle

Remind me I am free

As I put on your light armor

Darkness stops then flees


In this beautiful battle

I am safe from all harm

You shelter me with your love

And hide me in your arms


In this beautiful battle

You speak to me from above

You tell me I am beautiful

I feel your extravagant love


In this beautiful battle

Where you captivate my heart

Your love and grace define me

As I become your work of art

© Poetry in Motion

David Andrews writes for Poetry in Motion.  His writing is an expression of his faith in a world full of paradox. He is currently working on his first book of poetry which is due to be published this year. David is married with three sons and lives in Wellington, New Zealand.

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To enter:

Here’s the skinny. To enter to win, please attach your entry in the comments section. If you have issues with making that work (usually it’s fine but sometimes it’s buggy), then simply put the entry on your blog and place a link in your comment. Also remember to add your email address like this: mary @ That way spammers won’t find you, but I’ll be able to notify if you’ve won. I have a committee of sweet volunteers who will vote. Winners will be announced on my birthday, February 10th.

So be creative! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!