Be an influencer for The Muir House

May 16, 2011Heal from the past, Write!

The Muir House releases July 1st. It’s a love story. It’s a lost story. All under one roof.

In it I explore the idea of needing the truth from the past to be able to move on in the present. Willa can’t say yes to a marriage proposal until she unravels her past, but she learns the painful, yet valuable lesson that no matter what the truth is about back then, we still have the ability to live today. This coming of age novel explores truth, decisions, love, and forgiveness. It twists and turns (I promise).

Need to see more? Watch the trailer here:

If you would like to be an influencer for this book, just email me at (This is so Zondervan can send you the book.) I have a limit of 200, so hop on over there.

You might be asking what is an influencer? An influencer is someone who reads a book, and if he/she likes it, shares why. This could mean a number of things (but is not limited to these.)

  • Post a review on,,,,,, and/or
  • Post your thoughts about the book on your blog, Facebook, or Twitter feed.
  • Make influencing into a cool, giving game. Give the book to someone who’d like it, then say, “If you like it, would you be willing to buy another copy to pass onto a friend?” If your friend doesn’t like it, he/she can return the book to you and you can lend/give it again.
  • My friend Holly lends my books to her circle of friends at church. The only requirement? Each person who reads the book needs to write a note about the book on an inside page. It’s one clever way to create community.
  • Start a book-sharing revolution. Register your book at And then leave it somewhere! Bookcrossing will track its adventures.
  • Recommend the book to your local book club. I’m available to chat via speakerphone (or in person if it’s near me).
  • Ask your local bookstore or library to stock the book.
  • Donate your book to a local prison ministry or women’s shelter.
  • Share the book trailer.
  • Give your book to a person of influence (pastor, ministry leader, counselor, radio host).
  • And most important: consider giving the book to a friend who needs the message.

Still interested in being an influencer for The Muir House? Email me at As soon as the list reaches 200, I’ll send it directly to Zondervan. Thank you!