Anticipatory Life

Feb 28, 2007Archive

I remember college. Do you? Or was it waaaaay too long ago? There, I lived with this wild anticipation about life. Maybe it was my penchance for all things David Wilkerson. Though no switchblades threatened me at my little college, I was sure adventure lurked behind every corner. I felt Jesus guiding the mundane steps of my day. I could nearly touch Him!

Fast forward through life a few years. A husband, some kids, a lot of joy, a lot of heartache. And somewhere along the line, I’ve lost that holy anticipation. I drill my way through daily life, accomplishing tasks on a to do list, oblivious to the sacred moments God is probably beckoning me to.

I’ve eliminated the margins, preferring to live safely. It may be Pleasantville if I stay in that track, but it’s pretty lifeless. Of course France was outside the margins, and I did sense His presence more keenly, but I also lost sight of Him many times in the midst of too many trials to count.

There has to be balance. To be wildly anticipatory about daily life, and humble enough to stop my forward momentum to notice His presence in the midst of the mundane.

Helen Keller said it well: “Life is either a daring adventure, or it is nothing.”

Have I lost that? Have you? Is my life a simple connect the dots between to do lists? Oh how I want to recapture that wide-eyed anticipation I knew in college, always believing Jesus could be found under every stone of my life.

Maybe today. Maybe. I hope so.