Another Lifeless, Boring Christian Book

Oct 21, 2006Write!

I read a lot of books. A lot.

Sometimes I’m dazzled.

Sometimes I’m not.

I’m reading one of those not-so-dazzling books right now. The cover art is amazing. The endorsements intrigued me. But after about 20 pages in, I realized I was reading the same book I’ve been reading for the past ten years. Same old stuff. Nothing refreshing. Nothing deep. Nothing of the gutsy wrestling I saw in Blue Like Jazz. Same old, same old.

I firmly believe what is inside an author comes out on the page. If we are full of cliche-living, or pat-answer-theology, why are we surprised when our words print flat and mundane? Life change begets life change. We as Christian authors long for that, but are we willing to do the painful work to first see our own hearts changed?

Sometimes I wonder if we play at this game called Christian writing. We throw words on the page, though our hearts may be far from the Lord, and we’re unwilling to admit the dichotomy in print.

I am tired of trite books that minimize the majesty of God. I’m tired of formulas to get rich for Jesus. I’m tired of books that promote Christianity as a religion of smiley faces and butterflies. It’s far more. It’s dangerous, revolutionary, counter-cultural, rebellious.

When I find that book or those books, be assured I’ll let you know. But for now, I have to get back to reading another lifeless, boring Christian book.