A Worthy Gift

Mar 7, 2019Archive

My nephew Vegas is an amazing kid. (Yes, I happen to be biased, but I also really love his brothers and sisters too, oh, and his parents). My sister Shelley and her husband Tim are musicians, artsy to the core, but they also have strong fidelity to Jesus. The entire family inspires me. They create beauty everywhere they go, through artwork, looking at life differently, reveling in nature, and playing music.

I had the privilege of attending one of Vegas’s concerts last year. He played the bass beautifully. He’s been blessed with talent, yes, but he also works hard. God has been gracious to provide amazing teachers and instruments for him to use. But soon he’ll be going to college, and he will need a bass of his own.

Here’s the thing. These are expensive instruments. They cost more than many of us pay for cars. So I thought I’d try to highlight what he’s doing on Go Fund Me to see if he can gain some traction toward his goal. Perhaps you have a little bit of fun money you can spare. Or maybe you know a guy (or girl) who has a music store or an instrument that would fit his needs. Or maybe you’ve been praying about something worthy to give your money to, to pay it forward toward the arts. I can fully attest that any donation would be a wise investment toward a future professional bass player. Vegas has put in the long hours of practice. He is wise, intelligent, diligent and witty.

If this intrigues you, I encourage you to read his own words about his bass-playing journey, and I encourage you to give.