A Great Place for North Texas Book Lovers!

Jun 5, 2007Archive

I’m simply THRILLED I found this blog sponsored by the Dallas Morning News. It’s all about books. Where other papers are shrinking away from reviewing books, the DMN keeps up their reviewing and promotes a book blog. You can read about book news here.

Here’s the verbiage from the site: “Texas book talk, news from the Dallas literary scene, author events from North Texas, reviews from the pages of The Dallas Morning news, and more.”

Here’s what the blogger, Michael Merschel, wrote about the DMN’s comittment to book coverage:

Although most of our reviews do run in the Sunday section, you’ll also find breaking news stories about books, as well as author profiles as often as I can assign them, in the daily GuideLive section.

The blog helps supplement that coverage.

If there’s a particular kind of book story you’re looking for, let us know. I think that if readers reacted as passionately to book reviews as they do about comics, the newspaper would respond quickly.

Of course, it’s the job of those of us who write and edit the book reviews to stoke those kinds of passions. And let’s also be clear — I don’t want to replace “Pearls Before Swine.” (“Family Circus” is another matter.)

But I’ve seen how editors respond when readers speak out. So I encourage everyone to do so.

Isn’t that just lovely? Hop on over to http://books.beloblog.com/ right now and support this site. Earmark it. Link to it. Participate on it. Let’s prove that books are not dead. They are cherished and lauded here in North Texas.