A Gentle Reminder

When we were praying about France and whether this was God’s leading, a little verse from Be Thou My Vision popped out at us:

Riches I heed not
Nor man’s empty praise
Thou mine inheritance
Now and always
Thou and Thou only
First in my heart
High king of heaven
My Treasure Thou art

The Lord suddenly played that verse everywhere we went. We discovered it in print, in correspondence sent to us, in the choice of songs at worship. It helped us realize God was leading us away from what was comfortable, trusting Him to be our treasure.

Now the words take on a poignant meaning. As we all struggle financially, as banks collapse and institutions we once thought infallible fail, God still woos us, beckoning us to find Him as the treasure.

Could it be that the National Treasure we’re all searching for is Him after all?

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