A fun story about my novels!

Aug 6, 2007Archive

I received this the other day and it made me smile. From reader Kristin Early:

I brought both books with me on our Florida vacation under the delusion I’d turn the pages while listening to waves crashing on the beach. Hello??? – I had two sixteen-year-old boys and a two-year-old along!

But, once I started I couldn’t stop. On the plane I turned pages with one hand and fed Matthew Goldfish and raisins with the other. I stole moments on the balcony and at the beach when I could. By the time I was reading Wishing on Dandelions I was walking in the red dust of Burl, TX instead of the sand of St. Petersburg, FL.

My husband rigged a lamp on the balcony so I could read at night until the bugs chased me indoors. One night – just as I was trying to decide if Georgeanne was a lap dog or Doberman – the bugs became too much. The teenagers and my husband were watching some blow ‘em – up guy movie in the living room and Matthew was sleeping in our room.

So, I made my way down the hall to the only sanctuary I had – the bathroom. Improvising, I grabbed a beach towel for a seat cushion, tried to imagine the toilet was a deckchair by the ocean and dove back into the book. I wish you could have seen my husband’s face when he found me! I don’t know if you ever picture people reading your books but if you do, that was quite a picture.

The guys eventually had to use said bathroom so my effort to finish the book that night was thwarted. I guess my husband took pity on me because he sent me to the beach the next morning. I’m pleased to report my feet were in the ocean as Maranatha’s were in the lake sitting next to her Charlie. What a beautiful image you painted. Please tell me there is a third book on the way!