23 Reasons why Patrick rocks

Jan 10, 2013Family Uncaged

DSC_0004This year’s end will mark 23 years of marriage. Which means I’ve been with Patrick longer than I’ve been without him. In the spirit of that, would you mind if I listed 23 reasons why I love this man? (Well, even if you don’t let me, I’m doing it anyway.)

  1. He makes me laugh laugh laugh. His dry sense of humor truly has me giggling every single day.
  2. He is theologically astute. He thinks deeply about the Bible, uncovering things about it that surprise and bless me.
  3. He is a friend to animals, so much so that we’ve nicknamed him Saint Francis.
  4. He is passionate about church planting, even when he’s not doing it. He thinks of ways to help church planters around the world.
  5. He is a terrific father. He listens, sacrifices, and prays for our kids.
  6. He thinks I’m pretty and tells me all the time.
  7. He is an entrepreneur and has an adventurous bent.
  8. He provides and is extremely responsible.
  9. He doesn’t spend money on toys.
  10. He has a soft spot for ministries or people in need. Together, we give away our resources and are on the same page about it.
  11. He puts his family above himself.
  12. He makes amazing desserts.
  13. He helps around the house without me asking.
  14. He knows how to be a friend.
  15. He loves to give surprising gifts.
  16. He is steady and can be trusted.
  17. He is thrifty.
  18. He isn’t afraid to try new things.
  19. He pursues my heart and offers spot on advice, but he knows when to stop “fixing” me.
  20. He irons. (I don’t.)
  21. He makes Christmas dinner every year (and it’s amazing).
  22. He plans great vacations.
  23. He loves Jesus.

q4u: What about you? What can you positively say about your spouse? Let’s brag, folks.