Think New this Year: 9 Truths

Jan 9, 2013Heal from the past

I’m my own conundrum.

From the outside, folks perceive me as successful, as a leader. But inwardly I feel inferior and small. I wonder if people will realize just how frail I am, or if I’ll be found out as a nutty imposter.

I’ve read a lot of books about how I think, and I’ve prayed a lot of prayers to that end. My hope is that this year I can think differently, find new ways of thinking about myself that don’t self-sabotage me.

I’m not talking about positive thinking necessarily, just true, Jesusy thinking. The kind of thinking that doesn’t puff me up, but also doesn’t denigrate me either. The kind that can actually believe in my own success and see how far God has brought me.

Here are 9 truths I’d like to think this year. They’re for me, but they’re also for you.


As I type this, I’m praying for you and for me:

Jesus, help us believe these 9 truths this year. We want to truly believe we have a unique purpose on this earth, that we’re needed here to carry out Your plan. We want to believe we are affection-worthy, and we need to know way down deep that you love us wildly and truly. Please bring redemption to our dark places, strength to our weak places, and peace in our stressful places. It’s hard to believe we’re beautiful, but help us to internalize that this year. We trust and need You. Amen.