I’m so tired of all the food rules

Mix of berries on wooden background

So I’m going to get all honest with you…I listened to a podcast today that basically said be sad the rest of your life.

Well, to be honest, what he said was never eat grains, not even corn or millet or that darling of the non-gluten crowd, quinoa. Of course no wheat, soy, joy, or love either. Sugar = evil and never. The man also said that maybe, just maybe, you could have a treat, but only once a month, and pretty much that had to be like things sweetened with dates.

This makes me overwhelmingly sad and irritated and low.

Promise me there’s balance in the Force, Obiwan. Promise me that we don’t become so food fixated that no one in the history of life can EVER SIT DOWN WITH FRIENDS and actually ENJOY food.

I consider myself a very healthy eater. I grow crops in my yard, eat whole food (mostly), don’t eat junk food, don’t have soda, etc. But these kinds of restrictions (except for my celiac and autoimmune and allergy friends) seem teetering close to food legalism.

Plus the fact that when you’re on a fixed income, you don’t have the luxury to eat this way. (So does that mean only rich people can have all the “good” food, and too bad for those who struggle financially. It’s mac and cheese for them.)

I don’t know. I just think it’s getting nutty. Yes, moderation. Yes we shouldn’t eat cocoa puffs for dinner. Yes the food conglomerations make our food weird with creepy chemicals. All true. But how about this? Why not be grateful for the food we have? Why not eat healthy, but leave room for periodic celebration? Why subject ourselves to orthorexic rules when God has given us good food to enjoy?

The question is: what does it mean to have freedom while you sit down and eat dinner tonight?