Feb 15, 2016Restory Show

I’m grateful to have my friend “Lauren” with us on today’s Restory Show. For reasons you’ll understand when you listen, Lauren has opted to use a pseudonym to mask her identity. Some stories are hard to tell publicly, particularly when they involve the reputations of others.

How Our Stories Intersected

I first met Lauren years ago when I lived in the Pacific Northwest. Our paths have crossed in interesting ways over the years, and in the past two, we’ve reconnected over the publication of my book, Not Marked: Finding Hope and Healing after Sexual Abuse.

About Lauren’s Story

Lauren has an unusual marriage story, one not so easily fit into categories. In the midst of a difficult marriage, she learned to press into Jesus, even when things turned tragic. She’s a single mom who has learned to trust Jesus for everything.

In Her Own Words

“How can you tell your interns to not look at porn, when you’re doing the same thing?”

“I didn’t want to mention the word divorce.”

“Cancer shifted everything. I would love to say that it changed his addiction. I don’t know from that point forward what he was involved in because we were just trying to keep it together.”

“We could’ve had a great story together.”

“I have a deeper understanding for what other women are struggling with … I can have compassion for them and pray for them.”

“When it’s been ingrained in you for so long, that you you’re not worth loving, that you’re not worth taking care of and protecting, it’s definitely a process [to work through it]. I’m still in that process.”

Restory Recap

  • It’s hard to endure a marriage where one person is addicted to something.
  • No matter where you find yourself, there are always people who need love and comfort and your listening ear.
  • Relationships are worth your effort and tenacity.
  • It’s okay to voice what you need. It’s okay to be confident in who you are, despite your circumstances.
  • God does provide, no matter what your situation is. He hasn’t forgotten you.

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As in all my episodes, I pray for you at the end. It’s my sincere hope that you’ll walk away from the Restory Show changed and challenged.

{Aside: This is an anonymous story.}

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The End

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  1. Susan G.

    Mary, these “restorys” have been absolutely amazing stories of how God cares and loves His people. How He cares, how He heals, how He provides…and so much more. These stories are so important for others to hear. I can’t tell you enough that what you are doing is so needed and amazing! Each podcast has kept me spell bound!

    Laurens story has been similar to my own daughters, in that my daughter thought she would be married forever…had two beautiful kids, and then her husband became addicted to alcohol (and pain killers) so badly that they divorced. And then his liver failed and he went into the hospital and died at 37 years old… God has been my daughters provider and has shown her and my two awesome grand kids such favor. My daughter and grandchildren came to live with my husband and me and it’s worked well for the past 4 plus years. She and the children never really had any closure either which was very hard on all of them, but especially the children. The kids dad really never said good-bye or left them any notes or anything at all… My grandson, now 12, took it the hardest of course, but with counseling has done well. We are his biggest supporter and are at every football, baseball and basketball game he plays in. Our beautiful 17 year old granddaughter loves the Lord and is very active in church youth group. Our daughter has gone to school online since she moved in. She will finish her schooling and receive her second degree this spring. She is getting ready to “launch”, looking for the job God has for her, and it will be very hard on me helping them to move. But I know God has always had a wonderful plan for my daughter and my grandchildren and I will continue to pray for them and watch what God has next for them!
    Thanks for these awesome podcasts! God never fails!

    • Mary DeMuth

      I love this story, though it’s so hard that your daughter had to go through this. I’m so grateful for your provision and care. Amazing. That’s the love of Jesus in action.