Why Ipods ROCK!

Nov 11, 2006Family Uncaged

Today we went through all our CDs, DVDs, videos, and various other media. I loaded quite a bit onto my itunes, then onto my ipod. The best part? Creating an 80s songlist. Ahhhhh, now I’m back in high school, dancing, laughing, driving my car too fast (wearing my sunglasses at night), and getting caught up in melodies and silly lyrics. Here are some of my selections:

  • Every Breath You Take, by the Police (who says stalker songs aren’t cool?)
  • Everybody Wants to Rule the World, by Tears for Fears (I think this is good theology about the fall of man, our need for dominance and control)
  • What is Love, by Howard Jones (Oh how I loved HoJo)
  • Hold Me Now, by the Thompson Twins (I slow danced to this song with a very evasive, ultra cool waver-like guy. He shrugged me off, but I still remember the dance)
  • Burning Down the House, by the Talking Heads (Did any of you see the movie???)
  • Broken Wings, by Mister Mister (Now that I listen again, I realize these guys voices are a bit whiny)
  • Tainted Love, by Soft Cell (What a great dance song!)
  • The Reflex, by Duran Duran (Oh that hair! Beautiful!)

So I’m smiling, listening to 80s coolness. My kids are rolling their eyes, but I don’t care. I remember a time, not so long ago (eek, twenty years +) when I was cool. Yep. Did you know I had half my head shaved? One side long and assymetrical so that I couldn’t see out of my left eye because of the bleached hair obscuring it? That I wore ripped up grandpa shirts and pegged Levis and Vans? Yep. So cool.

Excuse me. I need to go dance! I wish my hair was wild! Oh well…