The galleys are here! The galleys are here!

Oct 22, 2004Write!

Today, while Aidan and Julia were home with me for lunch, Aidan exclaimed, “There’s a delivery man at our door.” I ran the three flights of tiled stairs (hoping not to trip like last time) and greeted the French man with an American bonjour and signed his dossier. In my hand were the galleys from my first book Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God.

I sat on Julia’s bed and opened the bubble-wrapped package. “Look,” I said to Julia. “There’s your name.” I read bits of my first chapter to them both, emphasizing their names. They smiled. I smiled.

It’s an overused metaphor for writing, but perhaps it’s overused because it rings with truth. I feel like I birthed that book. And now, here it is, pinked up with a high Apgar. The weird thing is now this baby of mine will be read by…er…twelve people?? Seventy three? And somehow, the kernels of truth the Lord whispered to me will be whispered to others.

I like to think of it in terms of the Kingdom of God. Perhaps this compilation of words in the hands of a Mighty God will touch many. Or one. Whatever the result, I am thrilled to hold the baby now with expectation of what will transpire. Just as I dreamed how my children would impact the Kingdom of God, I dream how this book will find its way into many lives.

So, Jesus…take this book. It is Yours. Use it for Your renown in this world. Use it to draw many to Your side. May the words of this book bring a smile to Your face. May it elevate You above all else. I give it back to you as a gift. My Samuel.