The Best Words

Oct 27, 2005Write!

As you can see by the post below, I finished writing a book today. That’s a lot of words. A lot of time. It’s been an interesting day of words for me.

My publisher sent a letter (in typed words) that said, basically, HOORAY your fiction manuscript is acceptable so we’re paying you your advance. (Good words!)

I got an email (on screen words) from someone who read Ordinary Mom, Extraordinary God. It was such an encouragement to read how the book affected her.

But the most fun words came from a college student from our church in Texas. Every week we receive a DVD of our church service. (We watch them on Sundays as a family). Today, tucked inside the DVD package was a handwritten note.

“I just wanted to write both of you and tell you thanks for being such a huge encouragement to me and all the rest in the college group. While you were back here in the states you both made such a huge impact to me that it will be constantly be a reminder of how amazing God is. . . Thanks again to both of you for getting involved in the college group at Lakepointe. You’ll never know how much it meant.”

Sure it’s great to finish a novel. It’s nice to know another book you’ve written has been accepted (and the money is on its way). It’s amazing to hear that something you’ve written has positively affected a mom. And how humbling and wonderful to know that someone sees God as amazing because of what our family has done. Last year was such a difficult year. And yet, God, our dear, beautiful God, chose to use our broken lives to show others His glory.

Wow. Those are the best words I read today.