Star Wars

Nov 1, 2006Family Uncaged

I admit it, folks. I love Star Wars. LOVE it. Totally. I know I’m not supposed to. All that talk of the force flowing through all living things. And midiclorians (not sure how those are spelled)—what’s with that? I don’t think I have any midiclorians roaming my bloodstream. Anywho, I’ve shared this one before, but it bears repeating. If you like Star Wars and love organic food, be sure to watch this video

And in case you’ve shunned these intergalactic masterpieces, I’d like to introduce you to a few characters:

The breathtaking, yet spunky, Princess Leia, complete with Cinnabon hairdo. What a lovely, lovely heroine!

No trilogy is complete without an evil villain. Here he is folks, Darth Vader in the doggy flesh. Part dog, part machine, his only hope is to convince his whiny son Luke that “I am your father.”Yodo, the kindly wizardy creature who talks with his verbs first. “Eat dog food, I must. Pee on a tree, I will.”