Seventeen Years Ago Today

Dec 24, 2009Family Uncaged

Seventeen years ago today, my water broke! And now . . . I have a beautiful daughter, Sophie!
Me pregnant. Boy was I sick . . . all nine months.
On Christmas Eve (late that night). After this, they put a santa hat on Sophie who weighed six pounds eleven ounces. They presented her in a stocking. She still has it.
Here she is at four months old.

The irony of Mary being in labor on Christmas Eve was interesting. Too bad Patrick’s name isn’t Joseph–it would’ve made an interesting story! We celebrated Christmas in Harrison Memorial Hospital in Bremerton, Washington, happy to be first time parents. When we brought her home, we worried. We had barely changed a diaper before. I kept thinking she would die.

But she didn’t! And now she’s beautiful, intelligent, kindhearted and hilarious. Sophie was the best Christmas Eve present I’ve ever received!