Proverbs 9:10-18

July 1

Today’s Scripture:

10 If you want to become wise, you must begin by respecting the Lord.
    To know the Holy One is to gain understanding.
11 Through wisdom, you will live a long time.
    Years will be added to your life.
12 If you are wise, your wisdom will reward you.
    If you make fun of others, you alone will suffer.

13 The woman called Foolishness is wild.
She is childish and knows nothing.
14 She sits at the door of her house.
She sits at the highest point of the city.
15 She calls out to those who pass by.
She calls out to those who go straight on their way. She says,
16 “Let all who are childish come to my house!”
She speaks to those who have no sense.
17 She says, “Stolen water is sweet.
Food eaten in secret tastes good!”
18 But they don’t know that dead people are there.
They don’t know that her guests are deep in the place of the dead.

Prayer Transcript:

Lord Jesus, thank You so much for another day to live life, to breathe, to love the people in our lives, of course we ask that You would shower your blessings among our loves ones and help us to continue on that walk of forgiving those that have hurt us Lord. We want to become wise and we know that You are the source of wisdom. We know that knowing You, helps us to gain understanding. So I pray that You would help us to stay close to You, that You would reveal the mysteries that we need to live this life and that You would be so near to those, especially those who are broken-hearted today. We need to know Your thoughts Lord, we want to hear Your voice. We know that what you do is You guide us into all truth and I know that this is a broken-world, it’s a confused world, there is pain all around and yet you are the stability that we can stand on, You’re the rock that we can go to. You’re the  great wisdom that we need to live lives that are worthy of You and worthy of ourselves and worthy of the calling that You have on our lives.  Lord, we don’t want to stay stuck, we don’t want to grovel along, listening to the crazy voices of this world, instead, we want to listen to Your voice. We want to be rewarded  with wisdom and we don’t want t be people who make fun of others. So Lord, we do pray that you would set a trap over our mouths today as we begin to talk about someone in a negative light, to just stop and to really hear  from You instead. Lord, You have personified wisdom as a woman in the book of Proverbs but you also in this passage personified foolishness as a woman and so I know it doesn’t make sense that the woman is the scapegoat for all this, because she is also wisdom. So, You have personified this because so often, foolishness happens in the context of relationship and wisdom happens in the context of relationship too and so Lord, we pray today that You would bring us wise friends and if there are people in our lives who are whispering things that lead us astray or away from You. Lord, would you give us the discernment we need to separate from that person for a time to create some good boundaries and to realize what’s going on, because when there is foolishness being told, it often sounds very appealing, it sounds like the right thing, it seems like the right thing and yet it’s not the right thing. So Lord, just gives us the wisdom that we need to discern between foolishness and wisdom.  To place wise people in our lives and to understand that you are the Orchestrator of all that Lord, so we ask that You would do that but that You would give us wisdom in our friendships and in our relationships. Lord, we love You, we praise You and I just want to stop right now to thank you for Your goodness. I was reading today in Psalm 27:10 about the fact that our mother or father may forsake us but the Lord will hold us close. Lord I pray for all those who have experienced the forsaking, their mother or their fathers  has turned their back or maybe both have turned their back on my listener today and yet You will hold them close. I pray for healing in those primary relationships Lord . We love You and we praise You today. We pray all this in Jesus’ name Amen.

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