Proverbs 14:18-35

july 11

Today’s Scripture:

18 Childish people act in keeping with their foolish ways.
    But knowledge makes wise people feel like kings.

19 Evil people will bow down in front of good people.
    And those who do wrong will bow down at the gates of those who do right.

20 Poor people are avoided even by their neighbors.
    But rich people have many friends.

21 It is a sin to hate your neighbor.
    But blessed is the person who is kind to those in need.

22 Those who plan evil go down the wrong path.
    But those who plan good find love and truth.

23 All hard work pays off.
    But if all you do is talk, you will be poor.

24 The wealth of wise people is their crown.
    But the foolish ways of foolish people lead to what is foolish.

25 An honest witness saves lives.
    But a dishonest witness tells lies.

26 Anyone who shows respect for the Lord has a strong tower.
    It will be a safe place for their children.

27 Respect for the Lord is like a fountain that gives life.
    It turns you away from the jaws of death.

28 A large population is a king’s glory.
    But a prince without followers is destroyed.

29 Anyone who is patient has great understanding.
    But anyone who gets angry quickly shows how foolish they are.

30 A peaceful heart gives life to the body.
    But jealousy rots the bones.

31 Anyone who crushes poor people makes fun of their Maker.
    But anyone who is kind to those in need honors God.

32 When trouble comes, sinners are brought down.
    But godly people seek safety in God even as they die.

33 Wisdom rests in the hearts of those who understand what is right.
    And even among foolish people she makes herself known.

34 Doing what is right lifts people up.
    But sin brings judgment to any nation.

35 A king is pleased with a wise servant.
    But a servant who is full of shame stirs up the king’s anger.

Prayer Transcript:

Lord, thank You so much for another day to praise You. Thank You for life, thank You for air and health and growth and the fact that we have the privilege of coming to You unhindered. Thank You for Your grace, thank You for the depth of Jesus on the cross and thank You for the fact that we can walk in right relationship with You in any moment. So thank You for that. We thank You for Your word today and all the wisdom You have packed into Proverbs. We want to have lives that exemplify these words. Lord, thank You for creating a pathway for us and I pray for the person today who is not really sure about the pathway, not really sure about what to do next and how to follow You well and so Lord, I pray, would You open up the doors, would You open up the windows, would you open up the pathway to show them what is next. Help us to love our neighbors today, instead of hate them. Lord, to hate is to ignore sometimes, to hate, is to malign and so help us instead to pray for those who persecute us. To pray for those who hurt us. Help us to be hard-workers today. The Book of Proverbs has so much to say about our work and how we must do it diligently and trust You as we do so. Lord, we also ask for honest lips, we want to be honest in however we deal today and Lord, if there are any situations in where we are tempted to lie, I pray Your spirit will quicken us to tell the truth. Lord, we are so grateful, as we love and respect and honor and fear You, we will have safety with You and Lord, I want to camp at the end of this verse 30, “A peaceful heart gives life to the body but jealousy rots the bones” Lord, I do pray for those listening today that You would give them that peaceful heart that is so necessary for a good day and I pray for those who are battling jealousy or perhaps even envy, looking outside of themselves for something or wanting something else that someone else has. Lord, would You root that out of us?  We want peaceful hearts, we don’t want to live in that place of wanting something else instead of what You have given us already and I know that the remedy for that is contentment. So Lord, I pray for contentment today, that I would be content, that we would be content and we wouldn’t look outside ourselves for something and the gifts that other people have instead of what we have been given. Lord, help us to be a grateful people today and again, as I prayed earlier, Open up those pathways, that we can walk in them. We love You, we honor You and we praise You in every possible way. In Jesus Name Amen.

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