Proverbs 12:1-14

July 7

Today’s Scripture:

Anyone who loves correction loves knowledge.
    Anyone who hates to be corrected is stupid.

The Lord blesses anyone who does good.
    But he judges anyone who plans to do evil.

No one can become strong and steady by doing evil.
    But if people do what is right, they can’t be removed from the land.

An excellent woman is her husband’s crown.
    But a wife who brings shame is like sickness in his bones.

The plans of godly people are right.
    But the advice of sinners will lead you the wrong way.

The words of those who are evil hide and wait to spill people’s blood.
    But the speech of those who are honest saves them from traps like that.

Sinners are destroyed and taken away.
    But the houses of godly people stand firm.

A person is praised for how wise they are.
    But people hate anyone who has a twisted mind.

Being nobody and having a servant
    is better than pretending to be somebody and having no food.

10 Those who do what is right take good care of their animals.
    But the kindest acts of those who do wrong are mean.

11 Those who farm their land will have plenty of food.
    But those who chase dreams have no sense.

12 Those who do what is wrong are safe for just a while.
    But those who do what is right last forever.

13 Those who do evil are trapped by their sinful talk.
    But those who have done no wrong escape trouble.

14 Many good things come from what people say.
    And the work of their hands rewards them.

Prayer Transcript:

Lord, again, we are so grateful for your wisdom in the Proverbs and Lord help us to camp here. Help us, to not only simply skim read over Your words, but to let them into our hearts to journal about them, to pray about them, to get on our knees about them, because Lord, we do want Your correction and we do love knowledge and Your word does  say is verse 1 that “Anyone who hates to be corrected is stupid”. So, Lord, it’s foolish for us not to want to be corrected. You are a Father who loves His children and any good Father disciplines their children. Lord, help us not to look at discipline as something negative, but as something that will bring us positive results. Lord, as I was talking with a friend, I used the word “sanctification -ning” and it’s to me, it implies this process of on-going sanctification, its something that is a continual action. Lord, we know that You are in charge of that through the Holy Spirit in our lives, You are sanctifying us, You are bringing us closer to You every day and so we pray that our sanctification-nine will continue and that today will be forward progress and not backward progress. We want to be people who do good. Teach us what that means today, show us today, very clearly, what does that mean, to do good today. It might mean, writing a check for somebody who needs some help, it might be, stopping to pray for someone who is hurting. It can mean all sort of things. Yesterday for me Lord, it meant stopping what I was doing and handwrite cards to people because there is a lost art of that and folks need to be encouraged, if anything Lord, this is a discouraging world and people are longing for encouragement, so I pray that those listening would be encouragers to those who need encouragement. Lord we thank You for the plans of the Godly are right but the advice of sinners will lead us down the wrong way. So Lord, give us the ears to hear from You. To hear Your ways, to be so steeped in Your word that we can very easily discern a lie, no matter predefied or no matter how Christian it sounds. Lord, give us Holy discernment about that. We want to love you , we want to know whats it like to live for you in a deeper and deeper ways everyday. We want to be people of wisdom, we want to have right minds we want to be thankful and grateful for what You have given us right now. Lord, teach us the art of contentment. Instead of always looking for the next thing, whether its clamoring for some sort of achievement, like what I struggle with a lot, or clamoring for some new thing that we think will complete us or make everything okay and that’s what materialism will tell us Lord, instead, help us to live in moment, to really occupy right now and be thankful for what you have given us, you have given us so much, You have given us salvation, You have given us wisdom, You have given us Your Son, You have given us light, You have given us forgiveness and grace and hope and hope for the future. In light of all of that, in light of the provision we stand in today, we are  grateful, we are content and we want to spend today, counting those blessings. Help us to do that Lord, in whatever way You want us to do that, whether You want us to write it down or say it out loud to a friend or write it in an email or however it means or think it to ourselves, we want it to be people who are grateful and content. We pray this in Jesus name, Amen

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