Numbers 26:1-20

Jul 9, 2024Podcasts, Pray Every Day Podcast

Today’s Scripture: Numbers 26:1-20

Mary is reading Numbers 26:1-20 in the WEB.


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Pray Every Day
Pray Every Day
Mary DeMuth

Pray through the Bible verse by verse with Mary DeMuth. When life overwhelms you, unburden yourself through prayer and experience God's nearness. God is listening.

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Steve Carter

Please welcome Steve Carter and his book Grieve, Breathe, Receive as a sponsor for the Pray Every Day Show!

When Steve Carter thought all hope was lost, God impressed three words upon his heart: Grieve, Breathe, Receive.

Grieve what is, what you thought it would be, and how you were let down; Breathe in goodness, peace, and mercy; exhale bitterness, resentment, and anger; and Receive what you need to learn, what you need to own, and who you will become.

Peppered with stirring reflection questions, Grieve, Breathe, Receive will remind you that you’re not alone, that your pain is never wasted, and that you can find renewed energy for the next steps as you move forward toward hope and peace.

When loss has become too much to bear, and disappointment becomes your new reality, discover an honest and compassionate guide through grief into profound healing.

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Melissa AuClair

Please welcome Steve Carter and his book Grieve, Breathe, Receive as a sponsor for the Pray Every Day Show!

Looking for a faith + creative bible study to work through before the season changes back to the rhythm of fall?

We are all busy with full lives and many responsibilities.

Painting and Praying through Psalm 23 is a faith + watercolor online course. It is an invitation to step into a time of rest for your mind and heart, to quiet the internal chatter, and sit with Jesus even in the middle of busy living.

Reflect on this beloved psalm with short devotionals and create lovely floral art (no watercolor experience required!) in about 30-ish minute sessions.

Here are some of the things we paint and think on:

  • We’ll paint a garden of zinnias as we think on the attributes of the Shepherd. What does it mean to have someone shepherding our hearts, souls, lives?
  • We all go through the valleys of life. The psalmist reveals gems about the benefits of the valleys that inevitably come to us. We create a painting that reminds us of the promise the Good Shepherd gives to His sheep.
  • The psalmist emphasizes the gift and promise of mercy and goodness…“all the days of my life”
  • If I stepped into this promise, if I remembered it, how would I live differently?
  • The similarities between sheep and hydrangeas (you might never look at hydrangeas the same way again)!

Use the code SHEEP at checkout for $10 off the course.

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Deeper Still

I am honored to welcome back Deeper Still as a sponsor for the Pray Every Day Show!

Deeper Still – There is freedom from the emotional wounds of your abortion

Abortion is devastating and leaves a lasting impact on your heart, but it is not unforgivable. Many believe that they are forgiven, but cannot forgive themselves. Jesus has come to give you freedom from your abortion-wounded heart.

We are here to help you experience that freedom.

Learn more about Deeper Still at, listen to the podcast, and purchase a copy of Healing the Hurt that Won’t Heal (use code SAVE20 to save 20%).

Daily Bible Podcast with Tricia and Michelle

I am excited to welcome the Daily Bible Podcast with Tricia and Michelle as a sponsor for the Pray Every Day Show!

We’re Tricia and Michelle, two friends inviting you to join us in reading through the Bible chronologically this year. Reading the Bible every day can be a challenge. We’re here to summarize each day’s passage and provide action steps … in under 20 minutes. Grab a buddy and join our community. Take the plunge, and let’s read through the Bible together. We’ll be cheering you on all the way!

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  1. Strings And Verses

    Hi Mary, the Pray Every Day on TuneIn (trying to access it on my Alexa in Canada) has been broken for at least 4 days. Could someone please fix that? Have been benefitting from your podcast over 3 years now on my Alexa until just last week.


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