My 2012 prayer for you

Jan 6, 2012Mind if I pray for you?

Jesus, I pray for my friend who is reading this prayer, that You would encourage him/her today in a very specific them-shaped way. Please show up. Please make Yourself truly evident. Speak words of encouragement and power over each fear, each worry, each conundrum, each halted area of faith.

May 2012 be the year my friend trusts You more, believes You more, sacrifices for You and Your people more, hopes in You more. May this be a year of new things, new adventures, new risks, new relationships. I pray my friend will let go of the relational baggage of 2011 and release it to the wind, into Your capable hands. Help him/her to forgive freely, to turn his/her back on bitterness.

Open his/her heart right now. Unfold it. Root out the anger and feelings of inferiority. Eradicate the pain by healing it. Show him/her where to ask for forgiveness, when to be confident, when to humble him/herself. Grant new freedom, Jesus, especially in the dark recesses where Your light hasn’t shone. Give my friend deep bravery to open the door to the locked closets. In that light, Lord, shine Your joy, forgiveness, grace and truth.

Provide financially, not so he/she will relax and trust in money, but so that praise can be raised to You for being a good provider. Provide relational health, not so he/she can find security in relationships, but so that worship can spring forth to You as the healer and provider of all good relationships. Provide spiritually, not so he/she can boast in piety, but revel in Your sufficiency to fill a soul.

We love You.

We need You.

We exist joyfully for You.

In 2012, be nearer than our breath.