Mark 8:10-21

March 18

Today’s Scripture:

10 then, immediately, He got into a boat with His disciples and sailed away. Upon their arrival in Dalmanutha in the district of Magdala, 11 they were met by Pharisees—ready with their questions and tests—seeking some sign from heaven that His teaching was from God.

Jesus (sighing with disappointment): 12 Why does this generation ask for a sign before they will believe? Believe Me when I say that you will not see one.

13 He left the Pharisees and sailed across to the other shore.

14 The disciples had forgotten to buy provisions, so they had only one round of flatbread among them. 15 Jesus took this moment to warn them.

Jesus: Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees and the leaven of Herod.

The disciples didn’t understand what Jesus was talking about and discussed it among themselves.

Some Disciples: 16 What?

Other Disciples: He’s saying this because we have run out of bread.

Jesus (overhearing them): 17-19 Why are you focusing on bread? Don’t you see yet? Don’t you understand? You have eyes—why don’t you see? You have ears—why don’t you hear? Are you so hard-hearted?

Don’t you remember when I broke the five rounds of flatbread among the 5,000? Tell Me, how many baskets of scraps were left over?

Disciples: Twelve.

Jesus: 20 And how many were left when I fed the 4,000 with seven rounds?

Disciples: Seven.

Jesus: 21 And still you don’t understand?

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