Kip is Wrong

Sep 4, 2005Write!

Today, Kip is tormenting me with his music.

Anyone who’s watched the movie Napoleon Dynamite may remember Kip’s way cool song he sings to LaFawn-duh at their wedding.

“I love technology,” he sings.

She frowns.

“But not as much as you, you see.”

She smiles.

“But I still love technology,” he croons again.

Well, er, I DON’T love technology today. I hate hate hate it! I am in Amsterdam trying to get my laptop to connect to wireless but it won’t. It refuses. So I am typing on someone else’s computer, up against a deadline, really, really stressed out.

So, Kip ol’ buddy, you are very very strange. And I am deranged from stress.

Maybe I should put on my moon boots and dance some moves. Or build a cake. Or picture tiny seahorses in a sea of something or other. (If you think I am absolutely nutty, you’ll just have to rent Napoleon Dynamite right now!)