Janet Morris Grimes’ Thin Place: The Beginning and the End

Jan 6, 2011Family Uncaged

Janet uses her writing to minister to others through different venues. Her newest project, ‘Abba’ndoned.com,  offers a place and prayers for people to seek God as Abba Father in the midst of  loneliness. You can find Janet online at JanetMorrisGrimes.com, on her Facebook Fan Page and on Twitter @JanetGrimes. (Would you like to share how God has met your needs in a Thin Place? Here’s how. )


Six simple letters.

written in 1966 to a friend

describing life as a husband, preacher, and new father

discovered 25 years after his death.

His words tell a story

offer a voice never heard

from a father never known

to grown-up daughters still searching.

The beginning was the end

a path traveled, but never chosen.

Though the void remains unfilled,

his words are never silenced.

I wrote before I knew him.

asking questions of a God

that held me close

when Daddy could no longer.

He gave me answers,

holding my hand to guide me

carrying me on His shoulders,

like only a father can do.

Father to the fatherless.

He promised.

I accepted.

Then agreed to tell the rest.

They both proved that if the story matters

long after the book is closed,

long after the life is lived,

it brings us to our knees.

My Daddy’s words are never silenced.

My God’s words are never silenced.