I hate blanket thank yous, but…

Nov 2, 2012Family Uncaged

Thank you to so many of you who sent Julia cards…and even a handmade blanket! Wow! She was/is really blessed by it all. When I brought her the stack, she thought I was joking.

“Okay, mom, take your mail back,” she said.

“No, honey, it’s all for you.”

“It is?”

“Yes,” I smiled. “I wanted you to see that folks were praying for you.”

Thank you to all of you who sent cards (and a blanket!). I hate to say a blanket thank you, but you’ve overwhelmed us with your kind generosity. THANK YOU.

Tomorrow we head to a pediatric neurologist who looked over Julia’s charts and decided to come in on his day off to see her. This is an answer to prayer. Please pray he would know/discover what’s been going on.

Thanks again for your generosity and prayers. They help us breathe.