Happy Birthday, Sophie!

Dec 24, 2012Family Uncaged

You hollered into our world a week early (and you’ve been early ever since). They placed you in a red stocking and put a little red Santa hat on you. My sweet Christmas Eve baby, and my name is Mary! Such a fun, interesting coincidence, though Patrick’s name wasn’t Joseph.

We’ve watched you grow up to be brave, smart and strong. You walked into French schools afraid but resilient. You befriended so many people. You led people to Jesus. You wrestled your studies and won, third in your class.

But that’s not why we’re proud of you. Our buttons burst because you flat out love Jesus like crazy. You want to follow Him to the ends of the earth. You want to share Him with others, no matter how dangerous or foolhardy it might seem. You are willing to take risks for Jesus’ sake. You tell the truth. You wrestle with questions. You wrangle the Scriptures and long to exegete them with integrity.

You love your friends. You love us well. You have a strong work ethic. You give until it hurts you. You have money in perspective. You’re frugal but fun. You have a wicked (in a good way) sense of humor.

You are twenty years of beautifulness, and we love you.