Happy Birthday, Julia!

Jun 14, 2013Family Uncaged

Dear, dear Julia,

On Sunday you turn 15 years old. You’ve weathered a difficult year, missing half your first semester with an unknown and scary illness, but you persevered and got to see God heal those crazy headaches.

You have given your heart to Jesus in new ways. I’m so proud of you, Julia. You love your friends well and you enjoy hanging out with the family. You are grounded, smart, and empathetic. I love the way God put you together.

Fifteen years ago, you didn’t want to come screaming into the world. You preferred the warm cocoon of me to the harsh realities beyond. In one week you flew on your first airplane to Texas, moving your citizenship from the great Pacific Northwest to big ol’ hot Texas. You still like spicy food more than any of us.

You were the bravest girl in French schools, not speaking a lick of French, learning to make friends, and enduring teachers who called you stupid. They were liars. They didn’t tell the truth. But for a season, you believed those lies. Seeing how beautifully you raised your grades this year from the abyss of absences and hospital stays PROVES your intelligence.

You are beautiful, funny, and helpful. You respect others. You stick your neck out for your friends. You are loyal. You love animals well. Whether you admit it or not, you’re a natural born storyteller.

I’m so grateful for you, for your perseverance during this difficult year, for your smile, for learning to admit when you’re wrong, for praying for me, for knowing when I’m sad and offering comfort. I see big things in your life, big changes in the kingdom of God because of you.