Happy 21st Birthday, Sophie the Magnificent!

Dec 24, 2013Family Uncaged


21 years ago you hollered your way into our world on Christmas Eve, and you’ve been an instrument of God’s grace ever since. Here are twenty-one things I love about you, Sophie dear!

  1. You absolutely, truly love Jesus.
  2. You value family, and you prioritize your time with us.
  3. You are so very, very funny (and you have your dad’s dry sense of humor. I love it!)
  4. Your face! You are a girl of one million crazy faces.
  5. You adore your brother and sister and seek to encourage them.
  6. You seek advice from wise people.
  7. You don’t obsess over looks, but you are beautiful!
  8. You actively seek out how to encourage others.
  9. You write notes of kindness to people.
  10. You are open to going wherever God leads.
  11. You’ve learned the art and joy of forgiving those who have hurt you.
  12. You communicate beautifully, particularly spiritual truths. (preacher girl!)
  13. You love to learn.
  14. You help those who struggle with learning by explaining things in teachable terms.
  15. You sacrifice for others.
  16. You deny yourself things in order to help those less fortunate than you.
  17. You pray. And you trust God for outcomes even when things don’t seem like they’ll ever turn around.
  18. You ask great questions.
  19. You sing beautifully and sincerely.
  20. Your heart breaks at the things that break God’s heart.
  21. You take risks.

I love you, Sophie, and I’m so proud of the beautiful, amazing woman you are and are becoming. God is going to do GREAT things in your life this year. I know it.