Happy 16th Anniversary!

Dec 29, 2006Uncategorized

Sixteen years ago today Patrick and I were married in Washington state, amid a storm front called the Arctic Express. Since then, we’ve lived in these places:

  • Federal Way, WA
  • Silverdale, WA
  • Bremerton, WA
  • Edmonds, WA
  • another home in Edmonds, WA
  • Palestine, TX
  • Rowlett, TX
  • Le Rouret, France
  • Royce City, TX
  • soon to be Rockwall, TX

We’ve had these children:

  • Sophie, 1992
  • Aidan, 1996
  • Julia, 1998

We’ve owned these cats:

  • Mackenzie, the demon kitty who we sent to a farm
  • Chutney, our fluffy white kitty we gave to some hellish boys (why oh why?)
  • Oscar (aka Oat Bar) who had a terrible bout of epilepsy. We had to put him to sleep.
  • The Blue One and its sister (two kittens, one Aidan called The Blue One, who were sick and we had to take them back to the pound.)
  • Pepito (who ran away) and his sister Madeline (who has been to France and back with us)

We’ve held these jobs:

  • Junior high school English teacher (eek!), Mary
  • Secondary substitute, Mary
  • Giving Home Journal author, Mary
  • Vascular Ultrasound Technologist, Patrick
  • Director of Vascular Lab, Patrick
  • Newspaper columnist, Mary
  • Stay at home mom, Mary
  • Owner of vascular company, Patrick
  • Nonfiction book writer, Mary
  • Novelist, Mary
  • Church planters, Mary and Patrick
  • Director of Vascular Lab (now), Patrick
  • Full time writer, Mary (now)

We’ve owned these cars:

  • Chevy Nova (the old kind…very brown)
  • Chevy Nova (the new kind, like a corolla)
  • Honda station wagon
  • White Toyota pickup
  • Blue money-van
  • Another white Toyota pickup
  • a beat up old brown Mercedes wagon (which we still own in France. Please pray it sells!)
  • ??? (We have to buy cars now)

We’ve been to these countries:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • France
  • Austria
  • England
  • The Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Monaco
  • Belgium
  • Egypt

What an enjoyable and exhilarating ride it’s been. I am more in love with Patrick than I was the day I met him, the day we were engaged, the day we were married. God has been faithful to us through the ups and downs of life. Today is definitely a day to celebrate!