Everybody Needs A Renee Bailey

Oct 17, 2005Write!

A long time ago, in a land far, far away (Texas), I wrote a newspaper column entitled “Everybody Needs a Kevin Bailey.” You can read that article here if you’re interested.

But yesterday, I thought a long time about his wife, Renee. Sophie, Julia and I spent the afternoon making cards and crafts. I took down Renee’s card (above) and tried to duplicate it for a friend of mine. It’s an intricate card, each flower folding into a square. When opened, it’s three dimensional. When I held Renee’s card, I remembered how dear she was/is to me. She sent me the flower card last year when I struggled with life in France. Truth be told, I wanted to pack my bags for home. But Renee chose to love me from afar.

Her flower card traveled from her heart in Little Rock, Arkansas to my heart in Le Rouret, France. It ministered to me then. It felt like I’d received a good ol’ American hug right exactly when I needed it.

So, yeah, everyone needs a Renee Bailey–a friend who makes cards and sends them on at just the right point. A friend who listens to Jesus, receives His comfort, and then sends it forward.

I love you, Renee!