Blue Like Copying

Jun 16, 2005Write!

I recently wrote this post to The Writer’s View and thought I’d share it with you. By the way, if you’re a Christian writer interested in learning more about the craft and business of writing, seriously consider joining the Writer’s View.

Trends are set by people who don’t think about trends.

Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller is a trend, but before that book, (and similarly Girl Meets God by Lauren Winner), the edgy 20-something faith memoir was not cool. My biggest pet peeve, though, is bandwagoning. Once someone does something innovative (which is really just an extension of the passion God has placed within them), then eighty-seven someones copy it ad infinitum. When Donald Miller grappled in prayer about how to reach his campus, he and his friends decided to open a confession booth where THEY confessed the sins of the church. The idea was radical and an immediate hit, orchestrated by the Holy Spirit for their locale. Now, though, I am hearing about these exact confession booths springing up all over the place. I’m curious whether, in strolls down the CBA halls this year, folks will see confession booth kits.

I see trend as a bit elusive. People who set trends usually don’t mean to. They simply listen to the Holy Spirit, write something totally amazing and let it go on the breezes of the fickle Christian marketplace. What happens after that is up to the Lord.

Write from your passion. Be attentive to the whispers of the Holy Spirit. Be willing to walk through difficult places personally, holding the hand of Jesus, so that you have something to offer others. Beyond that, hone your craft.

And let the pieces fall where they may.