5 Ways to Thrive in an Economic Downturn

potatoes from the garden

When there’s more month than money, and the mason jar full of just-in-case coins is empty, what can you do today to reign in your spending and stay afloat in this rollicking economy? Below are five ways: Go back to cash When we lived overseas, we were paid in dollars, which made for very short […]

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The land of forgetfulness

I have been living in the land of forgetfulness. Something happened to my wee brain when we crossed the great Atlantic. Now assaulted by the breeze of the Mediterranean sea, I am forgetting everything: Where I put important papers. Patrick and I joke that there is an evil vortex in our home, one consisting of […]

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An IHF Day

Not too long ago, I recounted my maddening French day to my husband who then detailed to an acquaintance of ours. She said, quite matter-of-factly, “Oh, tell her she’s had an IHF day.” “What?” my husband asked. “IHF. I hate France,” as if that was all the explanation needed. And it was. I had another […]

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Have an Abundant Business

butterfly blue

Years ago, my husband and I met a friendly couple in our church who invited us to a party. As I put my coat away in their bedroom, I noticed charts everywhere tacked to the walls—proof the couple was gung-ho about a particular business venture. “I think I know why they had us over,” I […]

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10 Reasons Christians Should Read Fiction


Two years before I penned my first novel, a Breakpoint transcript dated May 23, 2000 transformed my life. In it, Chuck Colson discussed the power of fiction to change culture. He chronicled the success of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, how a simple story did more to abolish slavery than any didactic treatise. He writes, “Uncle Tom’s […]

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How to Survive Financial Crisis in Your Marriage

knotted tree

The neighbors behind us shared their disheartening news. “Our home is going into foreclosure,” they told my husband Patrick and me. All I could think of was this: I don’t know how they will survive this. A year later, my husband and I looked foreclosure in the eye and wondered the same thing—only we were […]

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IKEA and lessons on what matters

Sorry I missed the blog yesterday. My family and I were captivated by the spirit of materialism, trekking many kilometers to Toulon–not to see the cool sites, mind you, but to shop. And shop we did. God forbid we have sore derrieres; why yes, we MUST buy those dining chair cushions. And the whiff of […]

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5 Questions to ask yourself about your male/female business friendships


We met in another city over lunch to talk about social media. He spoke of his wife; I talked about my husband and family. Our conversation began a good professional relationship that continues. Another business acquaintance shared dinner around a table with other professionals. He commented on how I looked, letting his eyes linger. I […]

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I love justice. I don’t love nits.

We were singing “Did you feel the mountains tremble” the other night. The whole family was worshipping around the television–something weird and new for us in France. Our church back in Dallas sent us DVDs of services we’ve missed, so we were worshipping along with our friends, months and miles apart. Until we plant a […]

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Watch the Kingdom Grow

I thought I had located all those writing verses in the Bible-like the pen being some sort of weapon, how keeping words shut up inside would burn my chest, how the reading of many novels was all tediousness. Today I found another verse-one that highlights my deepest hopes in writing. Paul told the Corinthian believers, […]

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