Beauty in 103

Aug 13, 2006Family Uncaged

God is so good. We’ve been loved well here in Texas. I’m utterly infatuated with Texans, particularly those dear folks who go to our church. We’ve been here nearly a week. People have watched our kids, taken us out to eat (thank you to all of you), invited us into their homes, and mostly they have prayed for us. We’ve had deeply meaningful conversations with several good friends. Some highlights:

  • Dinner at the Sapp family’s home–great Mexican fare coupled with lovely conversation.
  • A day with the Mills family. Our conversation picked up where it left off. We love you, Michael and Renee.
  • Dinner with the Vestals–great steak, life-changing conversation.
  • Lunch with Bob Roberts. We left there ready to take over the world for Jesus. That guy is so inspiring and fun and kingdom minded. We decided we needed him to live near us to give us pep talks from time to time.
  • Bill and Lynna Lawrence. Bill was one of Patrick’s professors at DTS. They both spoke life into us, confirmed several things, and encouraged us. (We feel we’ll burst from all the encouragement!)
  • Today we spent time with four Adult Bible Fellowships. Wow. What a blessing to be prayed for and loved.

The Body of Christ in its purest form touches us deeply. It’s amazing to me the quality of folks here who brave the 103 degree heat (it’s gonna be 107 tomorrow) and long to love Jesus with all their hearts. It’s downright inspiring.

Coming from a place where so few follow Jesus, we feel like we’ve been inundated with fellowship and conversation here in Texas. Thank You Jesus for showering us with Your people, even in the heat.