Teen Girls & Moms of Teens: You need this book (comment to win)

Aug 12, 2011Family Uncaged

Today I’m thankful to have the author of His Revolutionary Love, a Bible study for teen girls by Lynn Cowell. I had the privilege of reviewing it, and I’ll be using it in the future with the junior high girls I disciple. So, everyone, give Lynn a hearty welcome!

An update: Congrats to Katy who won Lynn’s book!

What prompted you to write His Revolutionary Love?

My own discovery of the radical love for Jesus. When I learned that it was ok to be needy, He actually created me that way, I could allow Him to fill the love gap in my heart that no one had ever been able to fill. Society shouts out, “Boy + Me = Value”. A girl needs to know that if a guy doesn’t like her, there is nothing wrong with her. This confidence comes from only one source – Jesus’ revolutionary love.

I had begun meeting with a few girls in my neighborhood and I wanted a resource that would explain to them Jesus was wild about them. I had seen in my own life that understanding His perfect, unconditional love had given me a higher self-esteem that led to wise choices. My passion has been to pass this on. The girls and I were unable to find a book with that message in the Christian book store so I began writing out a chapter each week and emailing it to them. When we were done, I felt this was a message that I couldn’t just set in my office at home. I wanted to share it with thousands of teen girls and see them make a shift from a parental faith to their own relationship with Jesus.


How have you personally seen mothers and daughters freed through your study?

I think testimonies say it best! Here is one I received this week:

Just thought you’d like to know that your book REALLY came in handy last night! Made it so easy to reach out a another girl who never knew how deeply Jesus loved her!

She is completely in awe of His love now! She cried. She comes from an abusive family and literally just got out of it last night. Her aunt has temporary custody of her and her siblings now. But she was so excited to hear about Jesus and ran to tell her brother all about it! (he has leukemia)

There is freedom and confidence that comes to a woman of any age when she really gets deep inside of her that there is a man who is crazy about her; one that is pursuing her and His name is Jesus. This truth fills the emptiness, pain and rejection with affirmation, approval and affection – just what we so desperately need!

What’s the biggest takeaway most folks have from this study?

The love that we are looking for, the life and purpose our whole person craves for is found in one place – Jesus. This truth inflitrates all areas of our lives. For girls, it can mean that just because a boy doesn’t like you, it doesn’t mean there is anythink wrong with you. The Perfect One says He is crazy about you! (Psalms 45:11 The Message). For women, it reminds us that nothing this world has to offer is going to make us complete; not a man, not success, not our kids…only the Redeemer!

Can you share a story of a girl impacted by the book?

Again, I’ll share a letter I received from Amber age 19 who expressed how the truth of His Revolutionary Love impacted her:


You are truly a blessing from God in my life …Thank you for speaking truth with both compassion and boldness. To not be afraid to tell it like it is and lay down what a strong woman of God should look like. Through God using you, I have received much conviction concerning my walk with Christ. For so long I’ve struggled with consistency. God surely captured my heart this weekend to where true repentance too place. Thank you for telling girls of all backgrounds, colors, ages and lifestyles that Jesus loves them like crazy and they are beautiful. There is such power in your words that have been given to you from the Lord.

I constantly must be reminded who I am in Christ. That I am cherished and loved. That I am beautiful and precious in His sight. I am not worthless nor useless but a life that has been radically transformed and delivered!

I am reminded through scripture of this for sure…Words cannot express how much your encouragement and affirmation has comforted my heart, allowed me to rejoice in the lover of my soul and challenged me to seek His face daily.

Please continue to share this truth with girls. This is coming from a 19 year old single college kid who was emancipated. A girl who was abused for 17 years; struggled with depression, self-hatred, eating disorders, alcohol, drugs, lust, thoughts of suicide and the comprehension of ever being loved…But praise Jesus – He is bigger and has rescued me! And it is now my calling to go to the ends of the earth and share truth to others as well. Thank you for being a beautiful example of what a godly woman looks like. Also how to serve Christ.

Praying for you as you continue your journey in what the Lord has for you to do. Praising God for your precious heart and your burden for the hurting and brokenness for the broken. Rock it out! To the ends of the earth…

Amber M. age 19

Tell us about your journey of publication.

It was a long one! I am so glad no one told what would lay ahead the day I sent out my first proposal! After that first rejection, I wasn’t sure where to turn. A woman at my church had heard about a conference called “She Speaks” so I decided to attend. It was very encouraging, but lead to many more rejections. Each time I was rejected, I would take my proposal and hone it more. Rejection was one of the best things that could have happened to me. See, Jesus knew that even though my head thought I was healed, my heart was still wrapped around performance for acceptance. Somehow in the recesses of my heart, I still believed that if I “did” something, it would prove my worth; make God proud of me. Five years and nineteen rejections later, my dear friend Shari Braendel and I went out to lunch. As we sat there rejoicing over her first book contract which was with Zondervan, I couldn’t help but feel my frustration. As only a true friend would, Shari looked across the table from me and said, “Lynn, you have to reach the point where even if your book is never published you are ok with that.” So, I went home and honestly told Jesus that my book was an act of worship; my testimony of what he had done for me. A month later I received my contract for “His Revolutionary Love”.

A little more about Lynn:

 Lynn Cowell is an author and speaker for Proverbs 31 Ministries whose passion is helping moms become wise women who raise wiser daughters. For the past 10 years, Lynn has taught women and teens to discover the radical love of Jesus Christ and build an inner confidence that leads to smart choices. Her ministry has helped hundreds of teen girls and their moms:

· Replace loneliness, rejection, and pain with acceptance, affirmation, and approval.

· Make decisions that lead to a fruitful future, rather than being a victim to emotionally-based decisions.

· Shift faith in Jesus from just a parental influence to a personal, growing relationship.

· Develop and stick to boundaries that protect the heart, mind, and body.

· Communicate with guys and other girlfriends in a manner that’s healthy and positive.

Please check out her free resources for moms at www.LynnCowell.com. You can connect with her at Lynn Martin Cowell on FaceBook and on Twitter at @LynnCowell.

Question to win His Revolutionary Love:

When, in your life, have you truly, deeply felt that you were wildly loved by God?