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Oct 20, 2014Uncaged Podcast

The Gist:

This week I’m addressing three more of your questions. Here they are:

How can you let go so easily? Don’t I have the right to be angry?
Wouldn’t we be kept from heaven if we hold on?
It was a dumb question to ask to begin with. I apologize. I didn’t mean to make abuse victims seem like the Lord doesn’t love the hurt away but instead rejects you for it. Anonymous

I too have found myself angry at God lately…and I have found it to be confusing because I know my need for Him and my love for Him, but as I start this healing process I find that my confidence in Him is so badly shaken. I listen to our pastor during worship service and preaching as he mentions the goodness of God, and I feel myself just shut down. I have 3 little ones. My baby girl started school this year and I am suppose to trust her safety and protection into the hands of my God who seemingly picks and chooses who he protects. My heart is broken. I don’t want to be angry or distrust my savior but that’s where I am. Thanks for letting me throw that out there! J.S.

Hi Mary. I have a question that really puzzles me. I am a Christian but somewhere along the way, I lost being comforted by my faith. I don’t have “the peace that passes all understanding” ever. Scripture doesn’t comfort me, nor prayer, nor anything. I am never relieved or encouraged or feel better. I know its not about all feelings..but it seems to me that others enjoy this blessing. I know scripture is filled with comforting words, bit I am immune to them. Have you ever heard of this? Any ides? Its hard to turn to God for help with problems when I feel nothing. Thank you so much!! Kerry


“Sometimes we get sick of clichés because the pat answers don’t match up to our real life.” Mary DeMuth


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