23 Things I love about Sophie!

Dec 24, 2015Family Uncaged

So today, twenty-three years ago, I was in labor. Yep, Mary in labor on Christmas Eve. And, no, we didn’t call Sophie Noel or Jesus.

Sophia Michelle DeMuth is now 23 years old, and a gem of a girl who audaciously loves Jesus and deeply cares for people. That’s what Jesus said to us, to major on two things: Love God, Love others. What an example Sophie is to me on both fronts.

To celebrate her special day, here are 23 things I love about Sophie:

  1. She adores her brother and sister. She takes time for them, listens to them, and hangs out with them. She embodies friendship with her siblings–so refreshing.
  2. She is a great hostess. Not only does she cook well, but she has a heart for hospitality.
  3. She is smart. So very smart.
  4. She loves to pray. She writes out her prayers, and when she says she’ll pray for you, she does.
  5. She has her own unique sense of style. She’s so very Sophie.
  6. She can speak French beautifully.
  7. She’s got a great eye for aesthetics and design.
  8. She perseveres when things are hard. She’s tenacious that way.
  9. She loves to lead small groups of people in discipleship. Currently, she’s discipling high school sophomores.
  10. She has 10,000 faces. I’m not kidding. Ask her to create one for you.
  11. She sacrificially gives to those in need.
  12. She can write and edit like the wind.
  13. She means what she says, and says what she means.
  14. She is artistic.
  15. She is an incredibly dedicated friend.
  16. She can sense when things are awry, and she asks great questions.
  17. She can exegete Scripture beautifully.
  18. She is content with what she has.
  19. She has a heart to not only travel the world, but to share Jesus with those who don’t yet know Him.
  20. She is an excellent communicator, particularly on stage. But she doesn’t have a big head about it.
  21. She has endured trauma (France) and come through on the other side, yet not bitterly.
  22. She’s beautiful.
  23. She is happy to serve.

Happy Birthday, dear, dear Sophie. You are a treasure!