Novelists: 1 Easy Question

This is a guest post by Susan May Warren, my awesome novelist friend, to celebrate our compilation BARGAIN book on writing. If you’re an aspiring writer, longing to be published, pick up your awesome purchase of 99 cents here!


So, here’s Susan! Oh and here she is: me, Rachel Hauck, Susie, and Tracy Higley.


My aspiring writer, Sally, slapped down the open page of a spiral notebook onto the table at the coffee shop, and slid into her chair,…

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The Invisible Writer {Guest Post}

I’m grateful to welcome my friend Emily T. Wierenga to my blog today. I had the privilege of endorsing her book Making it Home–a beautiful piece of heartfelt, metaphoric memoir. You’ll get to “taste” some of her sweet writing skills in this piece she shared with me. Enjoy!

The year is 2011, and Kasher has just turned one month.

He’s a little boy in a vibrating chair at my elbow, and he’s watching me with his father’s eyes, in blue overalls and he’s big for his age and his older brother, napping downstairs.

I’m typing at the…

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Don’t Chase Gurus. Chase Jesus.

I’m going to be starkly honest here. In my career I have one large regret, and it’s this: I’ve chased gurus far too much. Yes, I’ve prayed. Yes, I’ve relinquished. Yes, I’ve written and spoken the words I felt the Lord wanted me to share.

But when it came to marketing, I tended to run after anyone who touted a formula.

One time I even followed the advice of a guru that cost me several thousand dollars and merited not ONE speaking gig. In the meantime, through my personal contacts and amazing relationships (thank you, Jesus!), I…

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The First Time in 30 Books!

I’m humbled and grateful to announce that for the first time in 30 books, I made a bestseller list. Even though my name isn’t on the list, I’m okay with that.

The Day I Met Jesus premiered at #2. I’m besotted!


The book might just make a terrific Mother’s Day gift for your mama. You can read the Sample Chapter, description, and endorsements here. If you order from Amazon today, it’ll arrive in time (unless she lives in Fiji.)

Today I told a future writer that…

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2015: The Year You Write Your Book

Have you had a dream way down deep to hold a book with your name on the cover? Have you jotted a goal on your bucket list that included, Write a Book?

Honestly, I never thought I’d hold my book in my hands. I didn’t think I’d get published. When I diapered and nurtured my sweet children (who now near adulthood), the dream felt distant and unattainable.

But in 2000, I made a decision. I would write a book. I sat down at my computer, a newbie to the core, and I wrote my…

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Flash Sale: 99 Cents for my Writing Books

If you’re not a writer, and you don’t want to write a book, just skip this blog post. (Or share it with a writer friend).

Today and today only, I’m offering my three writing books for 99 cents: The 11 Secrets of Getting Published (regularly priced $3.99), Write a Winning Nonfiction Proposal (regular price $9.97), and Write a Winning Fiction Proposal (regular price $9.97).

You can…

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10 year blogaversary. 10 Things I’ve learned.

As of yesterday I’ve been blogging ten years. You can read my first-ever post here if you’re so inclined. I concluded my post by writing,

If my verbal meanderings inspire you, I am thankful. If they push you closer to the throne of grace, I rejoice. If they stir up your ordered world, I am humbled. May these meanderings bring joy to the Audience of One and inspire you to do the same.

I wrote these words before I was published, when our family lived on foreign soil in the little village of Le…

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You may never be popular {but that’s okay.}

I posted this on Facebook yesterday, and it blew up (in a good way.) So I wanted to share it here, with you, my faithful, sweet, praying readers. I pray these words of frailty reach your heart.

I’ve come to the conclusion that God is sovereign over my career/writing/ministry/speaking. He can do whatever He pleases, whether I sell another book or not, whether I speak again or not. He is best glorified in me when I’m entangled in the lives of others, praying for them, welcoming them, all in REAL LIFE.


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Texas writers: GREAT conference to attend

I’m excited to be keynoting for the Roaring Lambs Writers Conference on July 19th. It’s chock full of amazing information and terrific speakers. If you live anywhere near Dallas, this conference is comprehensive AND a bargain. Make plans to attend. Click here to register. Cost is $79 and it includes lunch. Yay!

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Why Writers Should Think Like Plumbers

I recently wrote this on my Facebook page:

I think a lot. (Does this surprise you?) And one thing I can’t seem to resolve is this idea of good ambition and selfish ambition. I know a few people who tend toward Me-Monster-ness, and, because of that, I fear I’ll become that too.

The stress is this: I am an author. I am a speaker. I have to market, let others know I’m available to teach/write/encourage. And I do this. I’ve framed my marketing by using Seth Godin’s tribes metaphor. Instead of always talking about me,…

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