Launch your book with JOY


There were no courses on launching books when I started so many years ago. I had to learn on the fly how to promote my book, how to create a launch team, and when to schedule media. I know you must feel as I did back then–totally overwhelmed. There seems to be 123 things to […]

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Do you have a book in you?

Do you have a book in you?

After much angst and prayer, I’ve decided to bring my writing intensive to the states! (I’ve only done these overseas!) I’m opening this up in response to several of you who have asked for it. So if you’re writing a book and you’d like intensive mentoring, consider signing up for the Mentoring Intensive January 30-February […]

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Why I Love CoSchedule


Chances are you came here because of my use of C0Schedule (a program that hand-in-glove fits with WordPress that helps you organize and share your posts in a simple, one-step way). I’m so grateful I heard about the CoSchedule program on a podcast. After I learned about its capabilities, this social media girl got downright […]

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A Writers Intensive for Europeans!


I’ll be teaching a writers intensive October 3-7 at a YWAM base outside of Geneva, and I’d love for you to go. (Or if you know folks in Europe who could benefit, could you please pass this on?) You don’t need to be in YWAM to attend. INFO: WRITERS INTENSIVE: Do you want to learn […]

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To You: I’m Sorry


I am learning. I am learning that pursuing Jesus and His will is different than blindly following advice. (Of course it’s good to follow advice. Proverbs tell us this, but that’s not the same as obeying advice without first weighing it). In my career, I am seeing that I could submit myself to all the […]

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7 Traits of Great Speakers


I’m a speaker. I make a living sharing about Jesus in a wide variety of ways—teaching classes, keynoting, shouldering weekend retreats. Because of this, I’ve also connected with many speakers and watched their lives and presentations. I’ve been able to see what makes up an amazing speaker. Here are 7 traits of great speakers: One. […]

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Novelists: 1 Easy Question


This is a guest post by Susan May Warren, my awesome novelist friend, to celebrate our compilation BARGAIN book on writing. If you’re an aspiring writer, longing to be published, pick up your awesome purchase of 99 cents here! So, here’s Susan! Oh and here she is: me, Rachel Hauck, Susie, and Tracy Higley. … […]

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The Invisible Writer {Guest Post}


I’m grateful to welcome my friend Emily T. Wierenga to my blog today. I had the privilege of endorsing her book Making it Home–a beautiful piece of heartfelt, metaphoric memoir. You’ll get to “taste” some of her sweet writing skills in this piece she shared with me. Enjoy! … The year is 2011, and Kasher […]

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Don’t Chase Gurus. Chase Jesus.


I’m going to be starkly honest here. In my career I have one large regret, and it’s this: I’ve chased gurus far too much. Yes, I’ve prayed. Yes, I’ve relinquished. Yes, I’ve written and spoken the words I felt the Lord wanted me to share. But when it came to marketing, I tended to run […]

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The First Time in 30 Books!


I’m humbled and grateful to announce that for the first time in 30 books, I made a bestseller list. Even though my name isn’t on the list, I’m okay with that. The Day I Met Jesus premiered at #2. I’m besotted! The book might just make a terrific Mother’s Day gift for your mama. You […]

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