13 Quotes that Changed the Way I View my Writing Career

The Oscar-winning documentary 20 Feet From Stardom is a must-watch for every struggling writer. I promise you will be inspired.

The first time I watched it, I nodded my head, said a few amens, and felt understood as an artist who doesn’t always feel like a success. Watching these background singers walk such a similar journey as mine gave me hope. I am not alone in this artistic/fame/success/money struggle, and neither are you.

Then I watched the documentary a second time. And I feverishly wrote down quotes. Because these quotes are GOLD folks. Not only…

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Ministry Fear: What if What We Want Isn’t What God Wants?

Last weekend, I rested. Oddly, resting to me involves digging in the dirt, cleaning out the yard, hearing the birds chirp as I messy myself with soil and worms and plants.

This rest involved pruning back dead wood.

I realized something quite startling as I clipped dead branches: the dead ones were easier to snap than the live ones. The dead is easier to prune than the alive. And when you prune back the dead, the alive has the best chance to flourish.

In that moment, I remembered Jesus’ words in John 15 about pruning, how the Father prunes back our…

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The Typos that Humiliate

So, yeah.

There are typos in Not Marked.

This happened in my other books (traditionally published!) so I shouldn’t let it bother me, but it does. I wracked my brain over this, had hired editors and went through the book with what I thought was a fine tooth comb. To no avail.

The good news is that they are fixable with the next printing. The bad news? I feel a bit small and dorky and dumb.

Ever felt that way? That your mistake is what will define you? That others will judge because you didn’t get that task just quite right? That…

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I couldn’t believe one note would mean so much.


I wrote it last fall as the leaves tinged yellow and red. A hunch of a word from Jesus. I made an observation about a family, how well their children seemed to marry well (in the longevity sense), stuck with their spouses in thick and thin. It was such a simple thought.

You were great parents to have such faithful children.

I could have dismissed the thought, could have relegated to the trash can in my mind, deleting it forever. But it niggled me. Stayed with me.

Why don’t you tell them?

I decided to…

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Uncaged Words of the Week


 Excited to round-up some of my favorites from this week to share with you!

My Favorite Blog Posts:


A terribly sad, but beautifully wrought post about a church, a sex offender, and the aftermath. Shawn Smucker writes, “I will plead with God that peace rains down on the family who has entered the nightmare, and I will pray that they will find their way as best they can. I pray that they still know, deep down, that they are good parents. Because they are. I will pray for my friend,…

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What I Love and Hate About Fiction


Have you ever picked up a book and put it down? Why? Have you ever read a novel passage over and over again, relishing the language to such an extent that you cry of the sheer beauty of it? I’ve done both.

Why I put books down:

  • The book is boring or over done. (Why is it that I seem to pick up the same book, only it has a different title, different author? While formula might be blessedly predictable, I am weary of it. Give me a Life of Pi or…

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A Quote about Writing Books You Need to Read


“Books are not altogether impersonal things. Somebody wrote them. Somebody’s lifeblood is in them. Somebody lived, suffered–wept, struggled and toiled–to put into the book that which pleases and helps us. Should we not think of this as we read the sentences which delight us or which inspire and quicken us? Do we often, indeed, give thought to the writer whose written words bring to us their messages? Do we not forget ofttimes that it is somebody’s heart-blood which runs in the sentences we are reading, somebody’s very…

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Cyber Monday Awesomeness



I’m so excited to share some amazing savings on Cyber Monday! Get several of my digital products at a deeply discounted rate for a limited time only ending tomorrow at midnight CST.


Image of Secrets of Getting Published Book CoverThe 11 Secrets of Getting Published. This is EVERYTHING I know about getting published. And I mean EVERYTHING. This is not a thin book with a few bits of wisdom thrown in. It’s…

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Uncaged Words of the Week


I’ve been pondering all that I have to be thankful for and today I’m sharing some posts, videos, and pics that blessed me this week. Enjoy!

My Favorite Blog Posts:


This is how I want to be. This is how I want to be remembered, as someone whispering grace and gratitude. Simply stunning post by Amy Lanham.

Grit & Glory: I adore Alece, her heart, her story, the adventure she’s been on since she’s returned from Africa. This post is about home, grief, and joy.

Christianity Today: I love this…

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Super Black Friday Savings for Authors


(Important aside: when this came live this morning, my prices were still the higher ones. I’ve changed them now. Sorry for the confusion folks. I fully blame the turkey!)

I’m so excited to share some amazing savings with you this holiday season! Woot! Get several of my digital products at a deeply discounted rate for a limited time only, starting today, Black Friday through Tuesday December 2nd. I also have partnered with other great folks to offer their products at a discount too.

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