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Pictures from my writers retreat in NC!

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Friends part four

Eternal perspective extends friendships forever

Our friendships today whet our appetites for heaven. Speaking with my friend Sue on the phone is painful—in that I’d rather the conversation not end. Having a Mexican lunch with Renee feels cut short. Receiving a funny card from another Renee resonates laughter right to my toes. Hearing Holly pray for me makes me wish the Amen wouldn’t come. What is beautiful about heaven is that we will be able to connect in the deepest possible way with our existing friends, and friends yet to be made. And, we…

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Claudia Interrupted

Once I knew a woman who was a shell of a person. She’d been utterly drained of her humanity and had no idea who she was. So I made up a story about her, about why she was the way she was. I only started it, didn’t finish. I wonder if I’m the only writer around who starts these crazy stories and leaves her poor characters in suspended animation. Poor Claudia may never find herself!

Here’s my beginning:

The day Claudia lost herself was a Tuesday or Wednesday when she was seven years old. She wasn’t sure…

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My Prayer for Today

Lisa helped me today, though she doesn’t know it. The prayer she posted at Author Intrusion gave words to my heart. It’s my prayer today.

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Two Book Reviews: Seahorse and Violet

A Seahorse on the Thames, by Susan Meissner, is a beautiful story of love, forgiveness, memory, and hope. Meissner’s characters are so real, I can hear their voices as I read. She paints folks as flawed, yet yearning—needy, yet strong. I wanted her protagonist, Alexa Poole, to grow, risk, and untangle the story of her past. Expertly plotted, warmly written, Meissner once again proves she’s one of the best CBA novelists.

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Random Pictures

Jeanne and George. They visited us in September. Aren’t they cute?
Clay with our three kids.
Christine and Clay. They visited us in September.

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On Joel’s Mailing List, Apparently

So, yeah.

My friend Joel has found me. In cyberworld. He sends me all sorts of important pieces of information. Like today he sent me this tidbit:

Joel will be in Tampa for two evenings of worship, bringing a message of inspiration, hope, and encouragement to your city.

We are looking for volunteers to help us make these events a great success! We invite you to be one of 300 volunteers each night for the upcoming An Evening with Joel. As a token of our appreciation, we provide two free tickets and a special gift.

Can’t be…

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Bret Lott’s speech

I had the privilege to listen to Bret Lott address the Christy Awards in July. I recently found out his speech is on the Christy site. If you are an aspiring novelist, take his words to heart.


Also, look at the post below to win a free book. Only ONE of you has entered the limerick contest so far….C’mon, folks!

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Pictures from ACFW

God is so good. Who would’ve thought I would meet a kindred spirit–a NOVELIST WHO LIVES IN FRANCE????? WOWOWOWOW!! Elizabeth, you were a breath of fresh air, and I can’t wait to continue our friendship.

Very cute Gina Holmes avec moi. I’m so glad I finally had a chance to meet her!

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Pictures from Dallas

One of the several ABFs (Adult Bible Fellowships) who pray for us

Good friend Michael
Leslie, moi, D’Ann: The Critique Group Known as LIFE SENTENCE…We’re in this for life!
Out to dinner with the Hamiltons

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