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Tell the truth? Or keep it in? What’s your advice?

An anonymous commenter commented on My Family Secrets recently. I thought I’d share his response and ask your opinion. What should he do?

Thank you very much for sharing your story.
It sounds very much like mine.

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Entropy and Housework

This is one of my old columns from the Rowlett Lakeshore Times a couple years ago. I thought I’d resurrect it for a little levity. This is what my kids looked like when I wrote that column!


Somewhere in the back of my tired brain, I remember something I learned in college. I remember learning about entropy. I remember the professor telling us that entropy was about a system or a universe moving from a state of order to disorder. I don’t know why, but the definition stuck, filed neatly behind “don’t mix ammonia and bleach”…

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Esther Feng’s Thin Place: God in School

God doesn’t need government approval to show up in schools, as Esther experienced when she was only 6 years old. You can read more from Esther on her blog, For Such a Time as This. (If you’d like to share a time when God showed up in your life, go here to submit your Thin Place story.)

Steadying myself from the bumps and jostles of the ride to school, I looked out the school bus window only to see my reflection. Straight black hair framed my flat, round face. A little button nose. Almond-shaped…

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Amy Sullivan’s Thin Place: What to do When a Baby Turns Blue

What would you do if you noticed your baby was blue? Read about Amy’s experience in today’s Thin Place. Then catch up with her at her blog. (For info on how to submit your Thin Place Story, go here.)


Looking back at home videos, I can see something was wrong then, but as a new mom all I saw was a perfect child with beautiful eyes.

Parenting books give details about sleep patterns, temperatures, shot schedules, and growth charts. Parenting books don’t tell you how to handle blue babies.

Snatching her from her swing, I…

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Go Ahead, Creep your kids out! (Kiss your spouse)

Hubby and I love to creep out our kids. Why? Because I believe the best gift you can give your kids is a strong, happy, affectionate marriage. So we kiss each other. In the kitchen, during dinner, whenever the desire hits, when my hubby comes home from work. (more…)

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Pictures from a recent photo shoot with the kids

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What will she be when she grows up?

Last summer, my eldest daughter Sophie went to Accra, Ghana. She played with children, shared the gospel, and saw God answer prayers. She has a heart for those less fortunate, and she’s fluent in French. Perhaps God will use all this someday in a cool, unique way.

It’s a privilege to see her walk through these kinds of decisions, particularly as she tries to figure out where she should go to college. We’ll be taking a road trip soon to…

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One Million Years Ago

It seems like a lifetime ago that we flew to France as a family to explore our calling and see if that’s where God would have us serve. This picture was taken at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. The kids did really well when we traveled, though they were all very tired. They were 10, 7, and 5.

A year later, we flew again, this time with our cat in tow and ten pieces of luggage. We spent a week at…

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Dancing in Africa…a story of worship

When my son Aidan was twelve years old, he had a dream. He wanted to help provide water for a village on the other side of the world. Through a series of amazing events, he helped raise money for a well project in Northern Ghana. A few months after he told me about his dream, we stood on the dusty ground, making new friends. (more…)
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The Year in Photos

Pippin the wonder dog, bearing gifts.

Aidan’s 13th birthday.

Sunset near our house last winter.
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