You’re uncaged! Stay that way!

Aug 14, 2012Find joy today, Heal from the past

We love freedom, don’t we?

And when we gain it, it’s usually hardwon.

But sometimes we face tests to our freedom, and sometimes those tests come from unlikely sources. Other times we’re blindsided by a friend’s remark, or we stumble across a reminder of who we were in the way back when. It’s not easy.

I’ve had that experience, and I’m sure you have too.

And when I experienced the reminder of my cagedness, instead of fretting and wallowing in the me back then, my friend Susan reminded me to see it as a blessing. A reminder of how far I’ve come.

Read her life-affirming, uncaged words:

“Of course I will pray for you. And I can totally see why God has allowed the serpent some leeway with you just as He did with Job. You have undertaken a great calling – to exemplify the uncaged life. Only someone who knows intimately what the cage is like can do that. From time to time, God may have to let you see glimpses of it to remind you, not just so that you can again glory in His deliverance but so that you can also empathize like no one else can. It’s a tremendous calling. God is shaping you for it. And He will in the end reward you for it.”

Amen, Susan!

So remember this today: If someone or a situation reminds you of who you were and how you behaved and thought before Jesus uncaged you, don’t lash back in anger. Instead see it as a sweet reminder of your growth. Pray for the person or situation that reminded you of your own slavery, forgive what needs to be forgiven, and move blessedly on.

Jesus calls us to live uncaged lives. No reminder from the past can change the beauty of that today.

Q4U: Have you had that experience where you gained freedom, only to hear from someone or something in the past? What did you do? What did you wish you had done?