What You’ll Experience at the Restory Conference

Aug 17, 2017Heal from the past

I get a lot of questions about the Restory Conference. Who is it for? What will happen when I get there? Why should I go? (They don’t ask that outright, but it underlies their other questions). Are there discounts? What if I’m broke and want to go? How can I support this even if I can’t go?

Well, consider your questions answered in this post.

Who is the Restory Conference for?

It’s for men and women who are hurt by relationships and long to find joy and purpose in the aftermath–anyone needing an infusion of light in dark circumstances, and grace in broken ones.

What happens on the day of the event?

The Restory Conference starts at 8:30 on Saturday September 16th at Lake Pointe Church in Rockwall, TX. 

KEEP IN MIND: I don’t have the resources in place to live stream the event, so the only opportunity to experience the Restory Conference is to attend the event live.

The church is right off Highway 30 in Rockwall, making it an easy drive, especially on a Saturday. It ends at 1 PM.

We meet behind the giant church building at Pier 419 at 8:30, but you’ll want to come a little early, say 8:15. It’s a building that looks like this:

That gives you time to go through the doors, get your registration band, and enter the venue. There, you’ll have opportunities to eat some healthy snacks (sorry, no Snickers bars!) and connect with others. You can peruse the curated book table or visit a few Compassion children from all over the world (in the form of individual, unique packets).

The event starts promptly at 8:30 with my lovely, amazing daughter Sophie DeMuth doing all the introductions and hosting the event. Then we’ll start worship. I’m so excited to feature Jake and Ally Glover this year, and their set list is amazing. Prepared to be ushered into the presence of God.

Here’s what the inside of the building looks like:

I can’t give away the entire agenda (must leave room for intrigue and mystery), but I’ll share three times, and we’ll have four storytellers–a missionary from Mexico, a girl who grew up in a polygamist cult, and a man whose circumstances seemed to be unrelenting stress. We have a special guest this year, but I won’t say much…stay tuned for the day of the event to find out. During the event, you will have the opportunity to be prayed for (if you want to be). And I have a special gift I’ll give you, too.

We will end the event by worship–celebrating the Great I Am, the beginning and the end. It seemed fitting to begin and end the Restory Conference in the same way. We end at 1:00 PM. No lunch is served, but there are a million restaurants around Lake Pointe Church for you to explore afterward. There are healthy snacks available for free at the conference.

Why should I go?

I believe God is going to do some sweet (and necessary) healing of our hearts during this event. I say this to myself as much as I say it to you, as I’ve had a difficult year as well. (God often tests me in the things I’m going to say by allowing difficulties to mount in that specific area). I’ll be retreating to finalize the messages which have been a year in the making, and are brand new.

Last year, the presence of God beautifully moved throughout our time, and people walked away CHANGED. That’s why I think you should go. A conference is often a needed pause in our busy world to reconnect with the One who we’ve only encountered in passing during a hectic year.

Come to encounter Jesus Christ. Come to hear His heart for you. Come to be renewed. Come to be changed.

But also come with eyes wide open to the ways God might want YOU to minister to others there. I also believe there will be Jesus-initiated meetings at the Restory Conference, and you serve an important role in that. You can enhance the overall experience of Restory for others simply by your own responsiveness to the guiding of the Holy Spirit. I cannot wait to hear the stories.

Are there discounts?

Yes, several. If you go in a group of five or ten, there are significant discounts to the tickets. But since this conference is about relationships, and since perhaps God is not calling you to go for YOU, I have a special limited-time promotion. Maybe God is calling you to go to the Restory Conference for one of your friends or family members who desperately needs to know Jesus loves them–even when relationships have failed and faltered.

Here’s my special offer for you if this is the case. It runs just this week, Thursday August 17 until Wednesday August 23. Simply purchase a single Early Bird ticket here. Then email your receipt to mary@marydemuth.com. I will then give you a special discount code that will allow your friend to go FREE. Woohooo!

What if I truly can’t afford to go?

Maybe you’ve had a very difficult financial year. I get that. I understand. (Last year we walked through a six-month period of joblessness). If this is you, I have a few scholarships left on a first come, first serve basis. These are offered because of the generosity of others who want to see you have no barrier to coming to the conference. Simply email me at mary@marydemuth.com, and if I have a scholarship left, I’ll extend it to you.

How can I support you even if I can’t go?

Prayer, prayer, prayer. Please be praying for this event:

  • Pray for the prayer team to be responsive and connected to Jesus and empathetic to those who struggle.
  • Pray for logistics to run smoothly. I have many volunteers. Thankfully, I also have a volunteer coordinator (a gift from God!)
  • Pray for all the speakers: me, Anna, Heidi, Matt, the Mystery Guest…and pray for Jake and Ally Glover as they lead worship.
  • Pray for financial provision as I orchestrate this event.

You can also donate money to help other people go to the conference who cannot afford it. Simply go here and scroll down to the donate button and offer any amount. Please note, this is not tax deductible.

Thank you for reading through this lengthy post. My ardent prayer is that you will make the trek to Rockwall and come to this event. We have people coming from around the United States and the world! Come join us all!