You might be an Email Hoarder if …

Nov 16, 2012Work Uncaged


Take this test. Are you an email hoarder? Answer yes or no.

  1. Do you lament deleting an email even though you know you’ll never ever ever need it in the future?
  2. Do you have more than 100 emails in your inbox?
  3. Do you have email in your inbox from 2009?
  4. Do you believe that one day you will zero out your inbox, even though you’ve never done it before?
  5. Do you feel deleting means you are deleting a person?
  6. Does your email inbox overwhelm (terrorize) you?
  7. When you look at new emails, do you feel trapped into responding, yet paralyzed to do so?
  8. Even if you’ve printed off information from an email, do you still keep the email just in case?
  9. If a friend were to look at your inbox, would he/she have to scroll and scroll and scroll to see the end of the list?
  10. Do you feel fearful when you hit the delete button?

Rate yourself. (How many yesses did you have?)

(0-3) The Efficient One. You sometimes let emails linger, but for the most part you process them right away. You’re not afraid of the delete key, and count it as your friend.

(4-6) The Scattered One. You haphazardly make a go of culling your inbox, but your efforts tend to be ADD. Emails tend to multiply like spring rabbits, and while you sometimes keep up, more often you find yourself overwhelmed by your inbox.

(7-10) The Hoarding One. Go watch an episode of Hoarders now, except picture your inbox as a house. Yep. You’re an email Hoarder, unable to say NO, to use the delete key, or make a clean sweep of cyber things.

Regardless of where you scored, I want to offer this: THERE IS HOPE for you. Really. Even today you can begin to de-clutter your inbox and start afresh. Simply click here to my “Become an Email Jedi in 7 steps.” You can be uncaged, set free, find joy!!

Here’s this test as a graphic. Feel free to pin it and share it at will.

Q4u: Well, how did you do? And what will you do with the results?